Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing at All

I used to be a critic (of everything: film, painting, motherhood, etc.)  I used to be a blocked artist. I used to envy every single entrepreneur on the planet. I used to  judge, judge, judge…

Not anymore! Now I live in the world of daring, daring to make mistakes, daring to be ridiculous, stupid, daring to be criticized, daring to get my shoes wet, daring to faint on stage…

The more I dare, the more I believe in life, the kindness of people, in the world of possibilities.  The more I dare, the more possibilities open, the least fear I feel, the more flexibility and speed I have. The more I dare, the more alive I feel.

Think about Helen Keller. Why did she say: “Life is a Daring Adventure or Nothing at all”? She didn’t allow her blindness and deafness to stop here becoming and author, political activist, and lecturer. She inspired not only with her words, but with her deeds to dare to live.

Dare, dare, dare! Dare to walk under the rain. Dare to paint a canvas. Dare to cook a difficult dish. Dare to run that “impossible” project. Dare to ask for help. Dare to love. Dare to live. You’ll be blessed with more, much more than you bargained for.

Dare, dare, dare!

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Blanca Vergara

Blanca Vergara MBA, soul entrepreneur, author, speaker and mom, has an uncanny vision for identifying passion and purpose. She has the charm to enthuse and the muscle to move you into action. Blanca delivers post modern, high-impact, transformational solutions for the builders of the Upcoming Heart Centred Economy to authentically renew the world.

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