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​​Soul and Business ​Mentor ​

For Heart Centered Entrepreneurs who want to grow in ​grace, joy and profit.



I'm Blanca Vergara, Soul and Business Mentor. I help soulful entrepreneurs shatter their inner barriers and become the wealthiest, boldest, most vibrant change agents they are. If you

  • want to better ​communicate your value  (and charge accordingly)
  • feel it's not possible or safe for you to meet your money goals
  • feel that being financially successful is foreign and even dangerous
  • have a mom/country/culture with a weak relationship with money and this still affects you
soul and business mentor Blanca Vergara

You are on the brink of a breakthrough! 


You are in the right place, where neuroscience, spirituality, Toltec wisdom and passion for entrepreneurship meet.

As a business coach, my life purpose is to unleash your authentic power, so that the ripple effects accelerate the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy.

​Where are you now? 

​You want to ​start a business

conscious business

But you are not sure what to do.

​Everything is possible. You have ​so many ​ideas, but ​ ​where to start.

You have
a ​BIG gift

business mentor

B​ut how to make money with it?

​​How to build a ​business out of it? How to touch the life of many and build the future?

You are ​ready
to grow

It's now or never!

You are all in. ​No more being the best kept secret. ​You are ready to be visible.

​How can I help you?

​Don´t take my word for it

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