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The Beginning Of The End Of Psychopaths (if YOU want to)

Our world was run by psychopaths. However they are losing control on us. Look around you, who is losing power, money and fame?Compulsive liarsManipulatorsAntisocial arrogant peopleMegalomaniacsSuperficial and shallow peoplePsychopaths are blessed powerful spiritual teachers for you. They are the mirror where you can see who you are not.You are not rootless, you are groundedYour are […]

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Is self-doubt affecting your productivity?

If your compassion doesn’t include yourselfIt’s incomplete​​Jack KornfieldSelf-doubt and self-criticism are serious dangers to your productivity and happiness. When you are unkind to yourself, you cannot create your best work. When you believe that negative self-talk, you cannot run the extra mile and create something great. In order to be successful and happy, we need to […]

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