February 21

Take the Call Towards Greatness

Living life in comfortable sameness used to be norm. BUT It’s getting uncomfortable, isn’t it? Something is calling you to get uncomfortable. Something is calling you to step out of the anesthetized way of doing stuff. Greatness is calling you.

The fact you’re reading this tells me that you’ve started your spiritual quest towards personal mastery (even if you don’t know it). Maybe you do know it! And have leaped several times before.

No matter where you are in your spiritual path, calls to adventure are the norm. They come to you because you need to catch up with who you have become. Traveling the spiritual quest is like traveling with two YOU’s. One is enthusiastically leaping into the future and the other one is carefully assessing the reality. The first one is your BIG self and the second one is your LITTLE self.

Your BIG self knows. He knows which steps to take: write a book, increase your prices, stop with that business partner, be mentored by that person, take that “scary” project… He knows that it will not go wrong. It can never go wrong.

Your LITTLE-self fears. Your LITTLE-self is reality restricted. He fears to let go of those unproductive customers, not being good enough for your ideal customers, to let go of those non-sense projects, to express in black and white your ideas (who do you think you are to be an expert/write a book/ give a lecture???), to let go of those useless endless meetings, to write history through a truly meaningful project (I can do it later)

To listen to the guidance of your BIG Self is scary as hell. His voice is always calling you for change. Change is scary. Change threatens your brain programming. Change threatens your identity. Change threatens your comfort. Even if change is for the good, your good, or the good for other people. Change is scary. Change is uncomfortable. Change is expansive.

Have you ever fallen in love? Head over hills in love? Remember! Then, love was expansive! So expansive that we never thought about how inconvenient, uncomfortable, scary it was. This is indeed the way for your LITTLE-self to catch up with your BIG Self. I like to call it Spiritual Technology. Why? Because it works! It consistently works, ALL the time.

Take the guidance of your BIG self that you fear the most. Observe it. Accept it. Look at it. Play with the possibility. Imagine yourself in that scenario. Imagine yourself (writing that book, accepting that you’re a healer, quitting your job…). Feel the liberation, the ecstasy of knowing. Feel the exhilaration of deeply knowing that nothing can go wrong, that indeed you’re in the right path, that you’re fully supported and protected, that you’re more powerful than you have ever thought before.

Play with this. Be gentle with yourself. Write this visualization. Sing this visualization. Paint this visualization. Create a collage with it. Exercise becoming the expanded version of you. Before you know it, you’ll have the love, the courage to take the necessary step towards your expansion. Before you know it, you took the call towards greatness. Before you know it, you´ll be embodying greatness.

It’s not magic! It’s your very own power.


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  1. Blanca, I can tell you that this is my motto for 2012. There is a definition of insanity that states that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. So I decided to get out of insanity. So far, I feel less stressed and more happy.

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