One Couple Two Careers

His career or mine?!

Ever asked this question to yourself? Do you want:

  • a brilliant career that allows you to live your potential and to contribute to a better future for humanity AND
  • a loving intimate relationship that supports your growth and self expression.

Yes, it is possible! In this book you will learn

  • why it's not your fault that this is so challenging
  • what are the Killing 5, the 5 success and intimacy most destructive choices
  • how to make it work by using the "One Couple Two Careers Framework" (c)

I found it very useful, the idea that we have to be in peace with ourselves and our own decisions first in order to be in peace and harmony with our partner of life.

Unstoppable You

The book is extremely good and very inspirational. I have already put some one my micro goals into practice and truly feel very motivated and empowered to go for those Bold Goals. Thank you.

You know you have massive talent. However nasty thoughts are sabotaging your results. Ideas like "I don't know where to start", "I can do it tomorrow" stop your best work. 

Are you ready to break this vicious circle?
This book is for you!

It teaches you how to create habits of change and growth. It contains practical and accessible ideas, based on scientific research. It will allow you to understand the obstacles and possibilities of behavior change in a practical way. 

For 12 weeks you will be accompanied on a journey of personal and professional transformation. Once you finish it your life will simply be divided into: before this book and your new unstoppable life.

Women Work Wonders

Become a true she-leader

There are so many dis-empowering messages out there towards women. However, it is a great delusion that we cannot influence the dramatic changes the crisis has brought to our lives, to our companies, to our society. We can! We can influence the creation of a renewed world: new business practices, new education practices, new health system, new housing solutions, new relationships…

You need to awake to your own power in order to become the true she-leader you are. You need to awaken to the qualities that are latent inside you and put them to the service of future generations.

I think the biggest learning is obvious but often overlooked! You are responsible for your happiness. One of the best things women need to know in this day and age is...being successful in not turning into guys. We need that feminine energy in the workplace. We do not need women pretending to be men, we need women to be women because that is an amazing power. Topics are very relevant, Blanca addresses the big pink elephant in the room. The thing everyone thinks about but never dares to talk about.

"I Want Them All" Bundle


Excited about all of my books?
You can have them all together for less.

Blanca addresses the big pink elephant in the room.

The thing everyone thinks about, but never dares to talk about. 

Are you ready to drop the struggle and
unleash your radiance and impact?

But, not sure how?