Heart Centered Economy

​Are you like me, tired of the greed centered economy? and longing for something new, more human and humane? In the first chapter of my career I was an auditor. I saw deceit, lack of professionalism and fraud. They were ​everywhere. In other words, I saw the worst of the greed and deceit economy. That experience […]

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Why I have a mastermind and you should too

​​Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” offers us deep ideas and fascinating perspectives on how our way of thinking can be modified so that we can reap financial rewards. One of the most powerful tools he presents there is the Mastermind group. Actually the Mastermind Groups is the one concept people most […]

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How to pitch your innovative business idea to a bureaucratic organization

​We are living a massive transformation in business. Today’s innovative entrepreneurs are changing the world. They are the ones who are implementing the sharing economy, sustainability, diversity…. (Don’t take my word for it. Just check this inspiring article) All those wonders that large corporations and governments are dreaming about. The challenge for these modern heroes […]

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