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What if women led from the womb

Hola!I’m Blanca. You are meant to have an optimal life, one that’s happy, successful, abundant and of great contribution. My mission is to help you achieve that. Learn more ​Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni recommends that women should lead from the womb.  It certainly sounds crazy first time you come across this idea. Wombs shouldn’t be mentioned […]

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The 4 hour mompreneur

Women don’t want to be CEO’s Women want to be CEO’s Women want role models. Women want to be role models. Women want ethical decisions. Women execute brilliantly corporate decisions. Women want unique clothes.  Women wear 50 shades of gray suits. Women want to rock the boat. Women want peaceful harmony. Women want children. Women […]

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Translate Passion Into Profit

Why is it that so many passionpreneurs are not making ends meet? How is it possible that they haven’t been able to translate passion into profit? You see the story doesn’t start when the passionpreneur decides to become a passionpreneur, it starts before. The reason why we have so many passionpreneurs nowadays, is because we […]

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