July 12

It’s Never About Them, It’s Always About You

This happy girl got angry last night. Furious!

Yes, your happy Blanca was very upstream. I was putting my attention in a part of reality that I detest: victims. Victims drive me mental. They are the opposite of empowerment. They are negating their Divine nature. They are manipulators… Aggghhh! Anger!

Reality showed me very fast and clear, how judgemental I was!

Few hours after my anger tantrum, I (yes, I!) behaved like a victim: dis-empowered, not owning my Divine nature, manipulating…

I burst in laughter!

Negative emotions never, never, never talk about “them” (your husband, the government, your mother, your customers…) They always talk about YOU. So, what are you going to do about this new insight? Love and compassion are the best remedy. Of course the ultimate first step is laughter! Laugh, forgive yourself and learn from this experience.

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  1. Boy that title couldn’t ring more true. After watching a couple of your videos, it is apparent that the whole thing is about you. It’s ironic you say you are doing this for your unborn daughter, but it’s all about you and being pregnant. When you’re daughter is old enough to reflect back on this project, what on earth will it make her feel? You, talking about your pregnancy with obscure people on the Internet. Not much glory in that for a child. It’s just disgusting how you use your pregnancy and worse, your children, for attention. You should get something else to sell.

  2. Hi Blanca, thanks for this, I agree with you! The only time I think it is ‘about them’ is when someone else treats us disrespectfully. In that case, it seems to me that anger is a really healthy natural response that we need to honour (otherwise we’re in danger of being a martyr!). 

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