August 31

Afraid of your big mission? This is for you

During the summer I've been running a course on life planning.  One participant asked something that moved me deeply. She says:
"That I know extremely well what I want for the future and that I'm working towards it for a long time now. That scares the sh*t out of me. And I don't know why; of maybe because I gave up a lot of control the last 10/15 years, and I'm taking it back: scary
This whole new 'me' and heading my direction makes me scared. I know this and I face the fear. But help is welcome"
I feel that she is talking for each woman in the planet.
To a certain extent we all know that we are being called right now to build a brand new future for humanity
that's terrifying!
 "how can little me do that!"
Well, for starters, you're not little me! I know we have given our power away for the past 12,000 years.
Let us remember that our true identity, a Goddess, a wise sage can truly fulfill our big scary mission.
That demands from us to wake her up and embrace her.
Well, in today's video I give you 3 principles that will allow you to move beyond your fear.


4 Week Oasis for Powerhouse Women, Tired of Being Tough






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