Your Folly Takes You to Your Wisdom

After spending several amazing days, I am finally able to continue with this series.

I was experiencing different ways of dying: asphyxia, burn, drowning and more. It was quite scary. Thanks God our blessed Laure Capelle walked me out of there. She opened the door to other outstanding possibilities. I cannot yet verbalize yet the deep spiritual learnings that I was granted. It’s still too fresh and too delicate.

However, one great outcome is that I’m ready to go back to finalize this series. I have regained my power to continue being the online fool searching for the meaning of embodying our light. The quote of William Blake resonates so much with the present moment: “If the fool would persist in his folly, he would become wise.”

If you’re feeling foolish about a project that you feel call to do, quite the critics (inner and outer ones) and PLEASE listen to your own wisdom. Your wisdom is calling you. Persist in your folly. This is precisely where you should be going to.


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