June 26

Psychopaths and Spirituality – The Beginning Of The End Of Psychopaths (if YOU want to)

Psychopaths and spirituality. It sounds like a contradiction. What do they have to do with each other? Can we learn from psychopaths?

Our world is run by psychopaths. However, they are losing control on us. Look around you, who is losing power, money and fame?

  • Compulsive liars
  • Manipulators
  • Antisocial arrogant people
  • Megalomaniacs
  • Superficial and shallow people

Psychopaths are blessed powerful spiritual teachers for you. They are the mirror where you can see who you are not.

  • You are not rootless, you are grounded
  • Your are not narcissist, you are loving
  • You are not emotionally dead, you're vibrantly alive.
  • You are not a victim, you are a leader

They are losing it all, because we're awakening to our own power.

How can we accelerate the end of the psychopaths?

First of all, can we regain our sanity while working in psychopathic situations (companies, countries, NGO's, etc.)? Secondly, how can we defend ourselves from psychopaths? What to do if we want to regain power and control of our world?

1. Don't be a victim of psychopaths

Psychopaths thrive on the fear that their victims feel. They exploit our empathy, our kindness. Furthermore, psychopaths especially attack the ones that don't believe in their own power. So, you need to remember that you are powerful beyond measure. You are love.

  • Experiment 1: Do a one day news fasting. Yes, you read me well: stop watching the news. We are victims when we fall into the spider web of negative thinking that surround us. Disconnect from this! Be very serious about it! Words become things. Therefore, I strongly suggest you don't read the newspaper. Don't watch the TV. There is no need to check the news online. Refuse to partake in negative conversations (the other day I did walk away from people talking about pedophiles; really I did not apologize, just walked away).
    All the bad things that the psychopathic media/society maximizes won't reach your heart. PLUS you'll be able to look at the real stuff. When is the last time you looked at the miracle that your hands are? When is the last time you looked at the miracle of rain or a sunset? Get empowered by what goes well.
  • Experiment 2: Reconnect with your own power. Take any art form. Take any meditation form. Be in silence. Get yourself into alignment. Feel the light shining inside you, through you, around you. Feel the light expanding and see how all problems (and psychopaths) vanish in the light of love.
    For example, the painting you see here in the background, I did it. I did it totally with my intuition: using my non-dominant hand and closing my eyes, connecting with infinite consciousness, with the light. Is it beautiful? For me it is, because it's the embodiment of my connection with my own power. Therefore, no-one else needs to like it! Just me!

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2. Don't be a savior for psychopaths

Psychopaths cannot be healed. All studies show that all therapies worsen their condition. I could give you a list I've compiled on the characteristics psychopaths exhibit, for you to better recognize them. But what good will that do? That will increase you attention on them AND their power will also increase. Instead I want to remind you to look within and sense if that person, organization or situation comes from love. In other words, if love is not their driver, you know enough.

  • Experiment 1. Change your perspective. When you get the sense that someone (person, company, country...) needs to be healed, redeemed, saved (especially by you)... Stop! And think that that person is also pure positive energy. See it like God will see him/her. A blissful creation in his/her spiritual journey. Perfect. Learning. You see the psychopaths are taking such a big detour to reach enlightenment. Moreover, they are in their own path. Above all, it is in divine perfect order.
  • Experiment 2. Love and let go. You can take it to the next level, by giving them what they truly need: love. See that someone in your mind. Look at him. Visualize him. Feel all the love you have in your heart. See your love expanding, growing, vibrating out of your body. See that wave of energy showering the person. Filling up that person. Transmuting that person into light. See that person vanishing. Feel the peace and the love that this experience left you. Let go of any expectations. You´ll be healing both that person and you. Don´t worry about seeing `results´. They are already done. Even if you don´t see them.

Business relevance

The psychopathic business culture is collapsing and as a wounded beast it is hurting anything that moves. You are a heart centered entrepreneur. Don't become a victim of these powerful spiritual teachers. They are here to remind you that you're powerful, limitless, divine. We have to thank them to waking us up to our own power. Relevant, isn't it?

Spirituality and Psychopaths 

Stay in your spiritual center. If you would like to learn more about how not to give your power away to toxic people, please contact me.

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Back to you

I would love to put your insights into practice as soon as possible. In the comments below, let me know, 

  • Which experiment will you use to transform your psychopath into your spiritual teacher?
  • BONUS POINT: Share with us how were you before and after taking this action.

Share as much detail as possible in your reply. Fellow readers come here for insight and inspiration. Your “before and after” just might help someone else have a meaningful breakthrough.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

Thank you so much for reading, watching and contributing. Your voice and support make our community utterly magical.

In conclusion, if you’ve got a friend, colleague or client who’s dealing with difficult people , please share this post. Every empathic woman can benefit from reconnecting with her inner strength no matter the environment.

With so much love,



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  1. Thank you Blanca, this a very helpful way to look at some of the ‘negative’ aspects of the world around us! I particularly like the advice to not try to be a saviour.

  2. I really like this vision, it’s very similar to the conclusions I came to a few days ago. Instead of concentrating on the things that are not working around me, I choose to concentrate on those that do. Thanks for this great post. 

  3. Thank you, Karen! Thank you Nicoletta! There’s so much negativity in the world. It’s like a big shadow. To remember that the shadow is created also as a consequence of a huge light.  For every “bad” thing/person/event, there is something tremendously bright and blessed. Let’s look that direction (let’s not forget to thank the shadow!) Blessings!

  4. Thank you for writing your ‘winning’ article and showing us your ‘free’ work of art. We live in times where ‘talentless’ magical~thinkers get~off on trying to prevent greater beings from spreading their love.

    The more self~loathing the more ‘addicted’ a tiny~mind becomes to sadomasochism, which is the combination of ‘suffering’ due to imbecilc grandiose~delusions ‘and’ jealousy of those who can self~actualise.

    The easiest example to study are on~line Trolls, who are not to be underestimated, as most of them are obsessed with trying to get ‘humans’ to trigger their fight~or~flight mechanism and they tend to form ‘rings’ of cyber~bullies, which can spill over into real life or come~from real life.

    They can take on any guise and due to their lack of self~awareness and sexual~addiction to sadomasochism, {which is unconcsious true~self loathing or ‘worse’ witting self~loathing,} I.e. They can pester a human until they’re suffering from P.T.S.D. and torment ‘themselves’ to death in their ‘endless’ pursuit of winning the fight ‘they’ instigate, perpetuate and which there’s ZERO moral~force to ‘punish’ them for.

    The sentence for deliberately getting up every day and trying to cause someone P.T.S.D., for sexual~pleasure or financial gain, should be death. But just as~evil, moral~imbeciles, are ‘running’ the whole show and have released vermin like that from the asylums and called it ‘CARE’ in the community, after releasing ‘lunatics.’

    Furthermore, the neuro~anatomy of a psychopath is ‘dominant’ when passing~on it’s genes. They ‘thrive’ in civilisations who’ve reached the point where we ‘foolishly’ feel it’s wrong to execute them, when ‘executing’ lunatics {I.e. egomaniacal sex~offenders} and shunning their like~minded propaganda~merchants is proportionate to how long a civilisation ‘lasts’ for.

    Emotionally~incontinent ‘evil~addicted’ sexual~predators are ‘outbreeding’ us and have now ‘ingrained’ their ill~wishes into the gullible masses, most of whom are clearly as ‘narcissistic’ as was witnessed just~before Dresden was carpet~bombed. You get what you ‘de~serve.’

    The same damned ‘megalomaniacs,’ who’ve been behind most conflicts are on the verge of annihilating a species they’re genetically ‘inferior’ to and whom they ‘could’ have sided~with, as Dr. Spock does with Cpt. Kirk. But, the sad ‘reality’ is they’re sex~offenders, both ‘somatic’ and ‘cerebral’ and form organised rings where ‘winning’ sexual~conquests IMMORALLY ‘against’ another’s will, is ALL they and their ‘rings’ of like~minded primitive LUNATICS live for.

    I’m glad you’ve realised that ‘your’ CONTROL over your own amygdala is what they base their entire fragile ego on, so ‘act’ as they might you’re beyong their ‘con~troll.’ Feel free to check out my site for HARD HITTING insights, most of which I got from “Erol On,” on his Youtube channels, who’s the world’s leading light on psycho~paths, who are utterly self~deluded magical~thinking ‘unevolved’ opportunists and essentially what Eddie Murphy called, “high~functioning retards.”


  5. I read some of the crap you spewed out. Not sure what idiot is paying you! I did get a few good chuckles. This is my favorite, “Psychopaths cannot be healed.” Why? Because you’re not intelligent enough to figure it out, therefore it’s not possible. Haha 😀 Thanks for the laughs!

  6. Thank you for this information. I see how using these various world leaders as my Divine teachers could be very powerful. They represent everything I would never want to be and their very actions have created an opening to find the light and embrace the truth. Wow !! I’m grateful to have found this♥️

    1. Thank you so much, Jenny!
      I’m so delighted that this resonates with you!
      When we see them as blessings, they become blessings. When we see them as teachers, we learn. We have the power to change everything!
      Have a wonderful new year!

  7. I love your insights! They match my experiences almost 100 percent!! I would like to hear and learn more about it!

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