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The Beginning Of The End Of Psychopaths (if YOU want to)

Our world was run by psychopaths. However they are losing control on us. Look around you, who is losing power, money and fame?Compulsive liarsManipulatorsAntisocial arrogant peopleMegalomaniacsSuperficial and shallow peoplePsychopaths are blessed powerful spiritual teachers for you. They are the mirror where you can see who you are not.You are not rootless, you are groundedYour are […]

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Superhero’s Journey – Nick Reineman, on joy, failure and community

Nick Reineman, is this week’s superhero. He’s a great inspiration and support for entrepreneurs in Amsterdam. His superpowers have increased since ​he combines his exciting job with his new parenting. (Behind the scene secret: he was caring for his baby when we did this interview.) ​In his own words, here is Nick, I entered the startup industry with […]

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How to Build Your Best Year?

​​Did you start this year with great plans and determination to get them done? Where are you now? What got on the way? Were you surprised by your holidays, birthday parties or daily cooking? ​ You are not alone! We are surprised by life. We ​allow conditions to control our plans. Why not doing the opposite? Right now we […]

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