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What if women led from the womb



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​Dr. Kaouthar Darmoni recommends that women should lead from the womb.

It certainly sounds crazy first time you come across this idea. Wombs shouldn’t be mentioned in business. We don’t talk about periods on the board. Hormones are a total taboo in the workplace. Please don't bring up this dirty subject in the immaculate world of business! 

​Let’s think about it a bit deeper. What is the womb? The womb is that unique part of our body that makes us women. What if the core of what makes us women could be our secret weapon? What if it could become our key differentiator as great leaders? What if?

So, what's the womb? what's it good for?

The womb is the place of smart receiving

​The womb welcomes the sperm with opposite pH level to that of the semen. This hampers the survival of weak sperm. Yes, our womb is welcoming, but not to everyone.

The womb is the place of creation

​100% of humans were first built there, in the darkness of the womb. Here two very different and complementary cells of human creation meet. It’s also here where they are protected and fed to transform into a fully fledged fetus. To this purpose it expands TWENTY times.

The womb is the place of releasing

Once the baby is ready out womb is ready to let him go. At the end of the pregnancy, the womb releases not only a complete human being, but all that was needed for him to have reached this level.

Of course, monthly it releases what it built just in case there was a baby. It easily lets go without judgment of incomplete projects.

The womb honors the rhythm of life

​​During out fertile years it lives in a constant dance. It alternates days of readiness to create with days to release what is not needed.

Now, imagine that those qualities would be used in business and personal leadership.

How would all change when we lead from the womb?

Smart receiving

​We would be better judges of what we receive. Personally we wouldn’t accept rude people. We would just be open to empowering and invigorating relationships. In business we wouldn’t accept pollutant raw materials, or unfair or inhuman contracts. Bullying in the workplace, pollution and corruption would be rare ancient concepts. We would just be open to partners, clients, suppliers who want to make business a force for good.

​Woman is the radiance of God; She is not a creature; she is the Creator



Making a baby is not a matter of exertion. It’s a matter of holding the space. Imagine that kind of leadership? Imagine that we held the space of all the components we need to have that project be a success. When we provide the right environment, to the right team, with the right tools, people will bloom, results would be easy and high quality. Effortlessly you, your people and your company would expand 20 times.


The right time to market is fundamental for the success of any venture. Imagine if we are able to sense that. Imagine that we are free of perfectionism and full of courage and intuition. We would release our creations always at the right moment.

Also we would release those elements of our life that we shouldn’t carry anymore. We could release relationships we don’t need to build anymore. Our mistakes or shortcomings would also leave our life easily.

About the myth of the pain of releasing and the need for help I’ll need to dedicate another blog. As you already gather, I believe that our womb is wise enough to enjoy the release and just need help in counted occasions. To follow!

Honor the rhythm of life​

​Imagine planning business in a constant cycle of creation and release of what’s not needed. This sounds like Kaizen, the Japanese idea of continuous process improvement. At work we would create massively efficient teams, companies and economy. Personally we’ll get rid of burnout, bored out, PMS and PCOS.

How can you lead from the womb?

Sadly this is not easy as pie. Unfortunately we got centuries of shame against us. The patriarchy has made our womb cheap and dirty. Do you remember the witch hangings?

Fortunately there’s an awakening towards realizing that it shouldn’t be that way. Think about the massive #metoo phenomenon and the backlash to “grab them by the pussy”.

What we need to do is to break that mental conditioning that is stopping us. We need to stop negating our womb and make peace with our female lineage. By the same token, we need to let go of any anger and victimhood related to our male lineage.

As this one is a huge subject, I decided to create a special webinar for this very purpose. 

​In this webinar, we’ll go deeper on the obstacles that stop us from truly listening to our wisdom and acting accordingly. We’ll dive deep on the causes of female self-sabotage. I’ll also share with you my method to get out of that ancestral trap.

Register here


Do you want to do something magnificent with your one and precious life?


Now, I would love to hear from you.

Now it’s back to you

I’d love to hear from you!

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Thank you so much for watching, sharing and being an invaluable part of this community. Your love and support fuel my work. I am so grateful.

Most of all, remember your womb is your secret leadership guru. Listen to her. She knows what to do.

With SO much ❤ ,​



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