April 19

The #1 Cause Of Dysfunctional Lives And Under Performing Businesses

Blanca Vergara
She never did anything because
__________ didn’t let her
We have no reason to remember her

You know, I have a funny re-incarnation story! Is it funny? I’ll let you be the judge. In 2006, I “died” and was reborn.

Prior to 2006 I led a truly dysfunctional life with an under performing career. I was fully addicted to the idea of straight line development; ‘the harder you study, the harder you work, the better your results’. Sure, I reached ‘success’ following this path. In the company I worked for I became the most senior woman in Europe and also the youngest. I had a bright future in the world of the ‘gray man’.

However, I couldn’t understand why I was simply not happy. I didn’t know why my body was shouting at me, I didn’t even know what my body was shouting about. I just knew that my iron levels were low, heartburn was a daily visitor and back pain was my new best friend!

I didn’t question why my health was deteriorating, I simply continued going through the motions. I couldn’t see beyond the fog that my senseless life allowed me to see. I was anesthetized by the intellectual and spiritual crumbs of corporate life. It was a comfortable anesthetic, administered via a lease car, a fat pay check every month and the authority I had over people and money.

My awakening did not happen overnight. It happened slowly one conversation, one book and one meditation at a time and the story that may have had the largest impact on my awakening is this one:

“The son of a business man had always wanted to become a painter. On his 18th birthday, his father gave him the gift of a stock portfolio. The son’s life slowly but surely started to revolve solely around making his portfolio more and more profitable. He became so good at it that he simply could not spend all of the profit he made so he decided to give a scholarship to a young painter!”

You have to ask the question;  why he didn’t grant himself the same gift?

This story was the final nail in the coffin. I decided to invest all the money I had, all my time and all my courage in my best friend – myself. Yes, I chose to love and put myself first. No matter what the risks were, I decided to put an end to my senseless life.

Blanca Vergara
2006 – XXXX
She Is Her Wild Self
Wild memories of her

In 2006 my old self ‘died’. My playful, wild, new self emerged and a thorough cleansing occurred; my job was gone, the lease car disappeared and job related status vanished… emptiness was replaced with limitless opportunity. You could say I had nothing! YES – I had nothing to lose!

After so many years of being anesthetized it was exhilarating to fill my lungs with fresh air, to inspire my soul and to laugh, play, paint, speak and write as if for the very first time!

None of the horror stories they told me would happen, happened. You see, when you live in the corporate world, to venture beyond it seems like death. The belief is that real security only exists in the corporate world (haven’t they read all the news reports about the job losses around the world???) The number one fear when leaving the corporate world is ‘how will I be able to make money?’ Well, there is money outside the corporate world and lots of it too!

On top of that, there are many other amazing benefits!

* I now work surrounded by beautiful things The ultimate raw material of my work is compelling stories
* The only way I can help my customers is by understanding and transforming the bigger picture
* I am a member of a global family of change agents
* I have never had so much fun in my entire life
* I profoundly feel every single up and down of my journey towards spiritual fulfillment

Society has created a cult around leading a pain free life. We have created all kinds of anesthetics to keep our lives pain free. From the ones that don’t allow us to experience the feeling of giving birth to a human being, to those that don’t allow us to tap into our creativity. For example, try living without television for a week and see your creativity come back to life.

We have labeled wonderful experiences as painful. It seems that we’re scared of living. We don’t walk, we take the escalator. We don’t think, we copy a business model. We are living a ‘lite life’, a pared down version of the potential we are capable of.

So, what is the #1 Cause Of Dysfunctional Lives And Under Performing Businesses?

Lack of Self-Love! This is the feeling that gives you the courage to fulfill your potential and let go of blame and envy.

When are you going to grant yourself the greatest gift there is?

Dysfunctional Lives



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