July 2

Brilliance is in the shadow

Do you want to see clearly?

Step away from the blinding light. Step in your inner home, into your inner dark room. This inner dark room has loads of blessings for you.
We don’t want to get into the darkness, because in deed it represents all those negative feelings that we want to tell the world (and ourselves) we don’t have. What we don’t know (forget) is that there in the shadow, in those “negative” feelings there is gold.

Take any of them: anger, envy, sadness… Look at it. See what is that which is causing it. Take one tiny baby step to heal it. Take another baby step.

Before you know it, the negative feeling vanished and your brilliance will shine.

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  1. great blog Blanca (or video I should say), I just have read “owning your own shadow” of Robert A Johson (of course after you recommended it) and I just can admit it is so true, so so true, look at the shadow site, there is were is a lot to discover a lot to learn and as always it is more often the fear for what we will find there, the fear of the fear than that there is actually something to be afraid of. It motivates me to look (again and more) at my dark side, my shadow. 

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