June 15

The World Birth Hero Guide to Decision Making

Yesterday I had on the phone the amazing Marie Mongan, the creator of Hypnobirthing. This woman changed my life. Her method not only granted me a painless (without drugs), natural and actually ecstatic birth. Quite a remarkable think, isn’t it?

BUT that was just the tip of the iceberg!

Marie’s method thought me something more profound. It thought me that I do have a choice ALL the time, ALL the time. No matter what the experts say to you. No matter what the newspaper says. You can chose to have a completely different experience. That applicable to birthing, but that’s also applicable to business, to parenting, to negotiating… Decision making doesn’t depend on the circumstances. It is up to you.

What experience do you want to have? Hold your attention on what you want and don’t allow anyone to distract you from what you want. Decide it!

Remember the wise words of Napoleon Hill: There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge. 

BTW! I won’t be keeping it to myself! I’ll be publishing the conversation I enjoyed with Marie. I’ll be doing so in the context of the Pregnant Preneur Project. Curious? Check it out here!

You’re neither pregnant, nor a business owner: pass it on! You surely know someone who could benefit from guidance harnessing the power of pregnancy as the fuel for a brand new SELF.

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