If you are FINALLY ready to consciously consider what you want to do with your precious liferead on!

Level Up

The Feminine Way

Design your next best life chapter

 4-part program


Level Up

The Feminine Way

Design your next best life chapter

 4-part program


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You are Called

We are ALL in a huge life transition.

We are all given the opportunity to reinvent ourselves and the entire world.

We are invited to raise our consciousness and co-create a new future.

Your inner voice is calling you to play bigger. Your intuition is inviting you to go towards your dreams, to build a whole life on your own terms.

You want the whole enchilada: meaning at work, financial success, PLUS health, joy and life giving intimacy.

You know that you're at crossroads.  

This is the time to make new decisions, take new risks.  

A 100% YOU life is awaiting

You toy with the idea of
  • forming a family
  • going for that big promotion
  • finally becoming your own boss
  • travel the world or moving abroad
  • you are so busy already!
  • FEAR: of success, of failure, of something you cannot even mention
  • it's safe not to rock the boat
You have all you need to level up

I can totally recommend this course. It brings you forward in such a way I had not imagined before. I learned a lot and the instructor does a great job - thumbs up!

Heike Lee

What an amazing course! Highly recommended if you want to put the (feminine) flow back into your life! Blanca's energy is SOOO amazing and she has a vast knowledge that she abundantly shares in the course to make our lives more beautiful, successful and flowing. Loved it! Thank you so much Blanca!

Danguole Litvinskaite

Definitely join the course it anticipates your questions and provides you with purposeful tools and a way to have compassion for your very human very normal challenges

Genevieve Quirk


embodying your own magnificence
  • Glowing:  being so radiant that it's undeniable!
  • Ease: Achieving "impossible" goals with ease and joy
  • Meaning: Making your life purpose your new career or business
  • Visible: Feeling safe expressing your truth
  • Joy: Playing with your favorite kind of people
  • Loving deeply the woman in the mirror

Don't take my word for it

Level Up is an invitation to reconnect with yourself and uncover what is most important and valuable for you at this very moment. Then, you’re empowered to lay out the foundation of becoming what you aspire to be, and create guardrails around your accountability towards yourself. It is liberating to truly experience how we are fully in charge of our life experience.

Coralie Thomas

The sisterhood and your wise advises Blanca are unique. Once again thank you. I felt so weak and uncertain at the beginning and now I feel much more at peace and stronger and thankful.

Evita van Genderen

it's important to have a sister group who supports you. For your trust in woman. It's a concrete check up in where you are in life and where you want to go to, and how. 

Daphne Gakes

in this program you will 
  • Discover the roadmap from an ordinary to an extraordinary life and how to find your place in it
  • Redefine what success is for you now, after releasing old less empowering notions of it
  • Revisit your authentic, yet forgotten strengths and delights
  • Walk out with a plan that will make your heart and mind sing together

Hi, I'm Blanca 

The first chapter of my life was all about being a success in the masculine way. I was a successful executive: the poster perfect girl of "Women to the Top". I was the "man" for the job: MBA, engineer, languages, leadership experience, business results...

Yet there was something big missing. My body knew it. There was no joy at work, and there was no joy outside work either. 

At the lowest level of thirst for true meaning and impact, I quit my corporate career and dived into an extraordinary journey. It transformed me into a successful entrepreneur, a happy mother and woman in love. Most importantly it unleashed a version of my self that's whole: unapologetic for all those quirks that don't "fit" in the "boys clubs", honoring my ancestry and my femininity. 

Now I'm paying it forward to other women just like I used to be. In this course I give you the map of that extraordinary journey. So that you can choose your best next step to build a life free of regrets, 100% on your own terms.

See you inside!


The sisterhood, the sharing, the loving embrace, the patience, the encouragement. What woman wouldn't want to be in a place like this? How many women out there are still living in the corporate arena trying to fight the uphill battle not knowing they don't need to fight? I am so grateful to the universe for bestowing in me this treasure created by Blanca.

Fabiola Garay

Level Up is an ideal program if you see yourself working in progress to be the best version of yourself just like me. Regardless of where you're standing right now and which life challenges you're coping with. Blanca teaches you the fundamental principles, stages and guidelines of leveling up your life. As an excellent entrepreneur and soul mentor, she guides you to be present with your difficult emotions and find ease along with your journey. I love her authenticity, transparency and generosity while sharing her private and professional knowledge and experience by heart-and-soul with compassion. I strongly recommend her programs and services. Thank you, Sweet Soul Sister, Blanca!"

Sumru Inal

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Your video made me cry because it is so much what I need right now and your presence is like a balm, like a mother guiding a child to go forth with all this wisdom and to create her own way.

Love to you,

Marie Louise Williams

I'm doing things now that I had dreamed about. Seeing them become reality and enjoying the company of some beautiful people that I met along the way is really living life at its fullest. Funny, the lock-down restricts us, but somehow, I feel like working with Blanca allows me to expand beyond my limits. 

Highly recommended!

Marjolein Mosmans

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