March 23

How to deal with toxic people in business

No matter what toxic people say (or not say),
you are magnificent!

Toxic people seem to be everywhere these days. 

Stress and uncertainty bring out the ugliest parts of all of us.

What to do when the ugly part of someone close to you attacks you?

This is our subject today.

One of my dearest customers (let's call here Mary) has been verbally attacked by some of her business partners. It's not the first time. These people seem to have a huge mix of anxiety and fear, which they project on Mary. She feels hurt as their words are unfair.

Sounds familiar?

What to do?

For Mary and for you, I created this video with 4 practical and powerful spiritual steps you can take to transform these "monsters" into a personal growth opportunity.

  • Step 1: Re-frame: re-frame who you are and who they are to decide on what you're going to do 
  • Step 2: Choose your reacting: response with love, compassion, and humor (no confrontation)
  • Step 3: Go where you're treated best: quit that job, stop the relationship, divorce
  • Step 4: Prevention: Become passionately and purposefully connected to how you want to see your life.


The 3 lies that keep attracting toxic people into your life and how to transform them into authentic power

discover how to Master self confidence as a female leader in any work environment


At the end of this workshop, you'll

  • Take your power back: experience a sense of relief, energy and possibility that you had forgotten existed.  
  • Know what to do: you'll have the mental clarity to make choices that truly serve YOU
  • Discover how never to fall in this situation again: Learn how to deal with future bullies with power and ease.

workshop date

June 9th, 2021

21:00 CET Amsterdam

15:00 EDT New York


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