May 19

How to rebuild your self worth after emotional abuse

One of my dear customers asked me on the subject of self-worth:

"I do the yoga, the meditation, the eating well and they don't really do the trick for me. What am I missing?"

When we do stuff and it doesn't work is that there's an elephant in the room: something so BIG that we have become used to its existence. It almost appears invisible.

In this case I'm talking about emotional abuse. Not loving ourselves with the depth and ease that should be natural comes from emotional abuse. Once we know this, we can reclaim our worth with true power (and then the tactics will help)

Today I do in depth on the why's and how's.

I sincerely hope this is of service to you. 


The Beginning of the End of the Psychopaths (if you want to)

The customer I refer in this story was not alone. All around me, the entire universe has been telling me that I must speak about this. 

I must talk about toxic people, bullies, narcissist, psychopaths....

I heard the call. I'm going to do it!

My upcoming workshop is about the 3 lies that keep attracting toxic people into your life and what to do about it. I actually know that they can be transmuted into massive and authentic power.

Join us and spread the word. Secure your seat here.

And if you have a friend who is suffering toxic people, at home or at work? invite her! The more the merrier.


The 3 lies that keep attracting toxic people into your life and how to transform them into authentic power

discover how to Master self confidence as a female leader in any work environment


At the end of this workshop, you'll

  • Take your power back: experience a sense of relief, energy and possibility that you had forgotten existed.  
  • Know what to do: you'll have the mental clarity to make choices that truly serve YOU
  • Discover how never to fall in this situation again: Learn how to deal with future bullies with power and ease.

workshop date

June 9th, 2021

21:00 CET Amsterdam

15:00 EDT New York


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