April 19

Stop listening to the experts

Every single revolution in history has been brought to life by ONLY 5% of the population.

Our economy and our society are on the verge of profound transformation. We hear of more and more companies having massive (and also quiet) layoffs. We see the bankruptcy of entire economies. We see more and more reality of what doesn’t work in our economy and business world in general.

At the same time we see emerging inspiring companies like Remotion (electric cars) or www.stopthewaterwhileusingme.com, reinventing branding. We see emerging inspiring agents of change, like the ones I like to honor to introduce you in our “Meet the Change Agent Series”. We see emerging global egalitarian initiatives, like Room to Read. Also thought builders like http://www.neemontslag.nl/.

Wonders are breaking out from all that is breaking down.

##BREAK##Now, we can say that the static, hierarchical and class based society, with accepted norms and values, is crumbling before our very eyes. Now, our global society is a dynamic, fragmented, networked society. Before, money or power bought you the loyalty of employees and customers. Now, they expect much more than that. The individual has the power to transform that part of the world that she or he is passionate about by engaging others and letting them be the change they all want. Now YOU have the power to transform the world!

The old business paradigms are seductive because of their perceived certainty and security. A new economy and a new society implies to accept the certainty of uncertainty. In order to do so, we need to step out of the command and control leadership model. We cannot longer seek shelter in the fantasy of the leader who has all the answers, who promises success in exchange of “followership”.

In this age of creativity and initiative, we must embrace a model of leadership that is loose, open and perpetually innovative. To be a leader today is to lead free agents, to lead CEO’s of the Me. Inc. to be a leader today, you need to be indeed the CEO of Me. Inc.

This is extremely challenging. This implies to stop listening to naysayers, the so called experts/gurus. This implies to start listening to our wisdom and choose what is right, not what is convenient or what used to be the best way forward. We’re indeed in a business revolution. In this business revolution we will not have one single leader who will mark the way for us to follow. Our guide is inside us: our own knowing has already the perfect business model, the most harmonious offer, the most honest and compelling marketing message. Listen within and you will find the most effective, human and humane solution for your business, for your customers and for you.

Stop reading the main stream media
Switch off the television or even better get rid of it
Surround yourself with positive, creative and uplifting people
Laugh, dance, dream, envision
most importantly take action!


#purpose, change, passion, transformation

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  1. Great post! the economy is going to erupt like a volcano–and we are its witnesses. Expand this. Publish this. It is gospel

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