June 16

The Minimalist Guide to Attracting Perfection

I’m starting to get it! After reading so many books, attending so many workshops, I have figured out how to attract perfection.

Yesterday I was specially grateful for the perfect partners that I have recently attracted. I had them both on the phone and that made me aware of their perfection in my eyes, in my heart.

So here I share with you the how. I was inspired by 2 books and loads of practical experiences. It’s so practical! If you’re inspired to use this idea, please let me know what shows up for you. Enjoy!


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  1. Dear Blanca, thank you so much for your inspiring words. It is a joy to see someone who is so obviously ‘in their groove’! I believe in what you say, but somehow it doesn’t seem to work that way for me – what I really want doesn’t ‘show up’. I can describe what i really want but then I find it hard to let go of it. Instead I think about it all the time! If I do manage to let go and wait patiently I end up wondering if I am just being ‘passive’. And when I’m active and try to get things moving I end up wondering if I’m ‘pushing’ too much!!

  2. Hi Karen!
    Well that’s the “secret”: to get out of the way! Really not to do what you’ve asked for. Start with something easy. Ask for a feather. Ask for an orchid. Ask for a brown dog.
    What’s wrong with being passive? It’s our society that has conditioned us to think that action is the only way forward. No wonder we end up burnout!
    Look at a mountain. It does nothing, doesn’t it? See how it moves, how it feeds animals, people…
    Play with your inaction. See how things come to you. You’ll find that by being happy, the right activities will be easy, fun and effective. AND they’ll make you in turn happier. A virtuous cycle!
    Be easy with yourself!

    1. Dear Blanca, thanks a lot! These words are really helpful. I have been slowly edging towards the idea that I need to wait until I feel really inspired (not forcing it) before I act. But when this takes time it is hard not to doubt…!  

      1. Time? What is time! Take a step back and see that in the past it has always worked out. Time is there for you to enjoy your wanting, so that you enjoy your receiving. Fill up that time with whatever pleases you. Distract yourself with actions, thoughts that please you, the waiting will be so short. Blessings!

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