August 3

The Ultimate Source of Invincibility

Do you know that the fear of public speaking is the number ONE fear? Yes! This is above the fear of dying.

Years ago, without really knowing what I was getting myself into, I joined a very old and very vibrant organization: Toastmasters. My only objective was to improve my English. Gosh! How far away from reality I was. This organization completely and utterly changed my entire life.

Because of Toastmasters,

  • I found the courage to quit corporate life
  • I found the courage to set up my entrepreneurial activities
  • I found the courage to express my views even if controversial
  • I found the courage to make my first sale
  • I found the courage to fall irremediable in love
  • I found the courage to become a mom at 40

Did I say courage? Courage is the Ultimate Source of Invincibility. You can find courage by taking baby steps in the world of risk. AND that’s exactly what Toastmasters provides to its members.

How does it work?

Well, they constantly help you to expand your comfort zone.  Give your first speech. Improvise. Manage your body language. Master visual aids. Give feedback. Organize meetings. Welcome guests. Be a judge or a contestant during a contest.Coach a new member. Design the educational program. Attract new members…

Everyone is constantly expanding their comfort zone. No-one can get it wrong. They are all constantly learning, constantly expanding.

Being around these amazing crowd is intoxicating. It’s absolutely impossible that you stay still in their company. Their actions inspire you to greatness. In this environment the dearest friendships emerge, the most harmonious partnerships arise.

Do you want to grow your business? Do you want to take your lifework to the next level? Do you want to let go to what is not helping you in life (intimate relationship, job, target market…)?  Do you want to be in touch with greatness? Do you want a constant doze of invincibility?

Join Toastmasters!

You might be asking why I am writing this. Well, as you have been reading, I’m in a season of blessed manifestation of my dreams. This demands gratitude from me.

Toastmasters truly changed my life. One speech at a time. One meeting at a time. One table topic (short improvised speech). One contest at a time. Toastmasters provided me so much spiritual food that I must say THANK YOU! Specially to my dearest home club Taste and Toastmasters. Where I met the love of my life! (plus many dear dear soul friends)

If it worked for a disengaged employee and almost depressed expat, why wouldn’t it work for you? Check out your local Toastmasters club and join one meeting as a guest. I assure you, no matter if you are in China or in Chile, you WILL fall in love with Toastmasters, AND your life will change in front of your very eyes.


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