August 10

The New Global Currency

The global financial system is going south very very quickly. In other words, the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy is accelerating. You can read it everywhere: the value of money is disappearing. A new global currency is emerging.

How will the world be if money disappeared? How would we do business? What would be the currency of the future? of the very near future? You can read it everywhere: the reason of the collapse is lack of trust. The more we trust, the more money values. Clearly trust is vanishing. Is this an indication of what we’re in urgent need for: honesty, transparency, personal responsibility, respect, love…

Do we really need the whole financial system to go completely belly up? Is reading those apocalyptic news the only thing we can do? Are we helpless?


What actions could we take right now? Well, we could choose for fear. We could go and buy cans, bottled water and more survival stuff. Just in case.

Is there another perspective? Yes, there is. Let’s quiet those fears. Switch off your TV. Close your newspaper. Let’s take a different perspective on the subject.

Humor me and imagine that money is no longer an object. After the global financial system collapsed, no one on the planet could pay their debt. No one: no banks, no companies, no governments… So it was decided to abolish money all together. So, in this “imaginary” world, money doesn’t exist. Money is an old-fashioned concept of the primitive past.

Imagine going to a restaurant and receiving a menu without prices. Imagine going to clothes shop and none of the items is marked with any price. Imagine the concept of money really gone.

If money was not an object, would you still order the same salad?  Or would you stuff yourself crazy? Maybe at the beginning you eat all they have in the menu. The next day you eat a bit less. After a couple of days your consumption will be just the right one for you.

Imagine! All those limiting believes gone. No shortage. No guilt. No fear based accumulation. No lies. No fraud.

So, how would your life change? Would your work change? Would you still do the job you do now? Would you still serve the customers you serve now? If we didn’t have to work for money, what would we do? If money was not there to coerce us or motivate us? Where would the motivation source be?

Imagine a world where you do not need to pay anything, you don’t need to charge for your services, you didn’t owe anything to anyone.

How would we deal with that freedom?

In this world your business wouldn’t be able to generate financial profit. So, how would you know that what you’re doing is valuable? How would you measure your success? What would you like to produce? What would you like your business to create?  I can imagine that will be something in the area of: honesty, transparency, personal responsibility, respect…

Imagine that wealth. Imagine infinite wealth, without money!

Can we already experience that even at this stage of financial transformation (I mean with money still in the picture)? Can we already have an infinitely wealthy live right now?

Why not!

Let’s experiment this week! What would you choose if money was not  an option? Would you still be living with the same person? Would you still work for that job? Would you still serve those customers? Would you still work with that business partner? Would you still sell these products/services?

If you had total freedom (YES, total, not just financial freedom),  would you change something in your life? If that’s the case, accept it, embrace it and ask yourself “how can I?”. Living in the world of denial, of lack, of “I would like …, BUT”, is just a choice. You can start living beyond money. You can start living TODAY what you really truly want. Start small. Ask guidance on every step. AND most importantly, keep on walking, keep on walking, keep on walking.

Remember, money is just a social construct. We humans invented it. We agreed to it. We can start creating a new recipe right now. What if we stop trading fear for money? What if we start trading to introduce a brand new currency? Honesty, transparency, personal responsibility, respect, love…? We don’t need to wait until the financial system truly collapses. We can start trading in this new currencies vs. money, or even vs. itself. Why do we need to wait any longer to be abundant and fearless?

Experiment this week, changing your choices. Experiment this week changing the rationale of your choices. Experiment this week, changing the emotion behind your choices. Don’t buy because it is cheap. Don’t sell because it is convenient. Don’t produce because it is fashionable. Don’t speak words of fear or lack. Buy, sell, produce, talk because you (your BIG Self)  thinks, feels and knows that it’s the right choice.

Let’s experiment this week to choose to leave the world of lack and enter the world of infinite wealth (even if we still have money).


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  1. My heart is jumping up and around thanks to jour words and is getting stronger thank you for this good food.i feel the freedom in your words and it is giving me wings to believe in the power of integrity.To get rid of old illusions and transform fears into love.It feals so good to see the soul of people and not the masks,that is something i am training,`i think when i see someone,i see the sun in you and little miracles start to happen,they smile my fear melts away when i start to love people around me. thank you star.

    1. My dear Ellen! I was ill these past days. I just see your comment and I couldn’t stop crying. When I see you, miracles are real and I love the world. Thank you, Ellen! Thank you, Ellen! Thank you, Ellen!

  2. Thank you Blanca, I am new to your site and new to your work but not new to this work.  I have been living rather moneyless, but abundantly for 26 years…no inheritance, no husband who supports me financailly though I have a husband…we split everything 50-50. No kids, yet I have no debt…not even a mortgage though we live in a beautiful home in a busy little town. Of course I have ideas and yes, I do a business as a tarot reader and offer life coaching program all on the very small side and yes, I charge for my services and yes, I want to get bigger and yes, I want to create abit more money than 6-8000.00 per year..(that’s all it takes me to live on and travel most years for 6 weeks to 3 months and do all the things I love to do) and, at the same time, to ask a rather pointed question, “Why in your survey do I need to know or say how much money I want to make and what is blocking me from that if money system is failing?”  I believe it is failing as well but that doesn’t mean as a human race we are failing…it opens up whole new possibilities to heal what money was supposed to heal and seems  to have failed at.  Ever since I was 9 years old, I found money to be rather irrelevant to the quality of my life and saw how it made many peoples’ lives quite messy.  It’s not that I don’t want anything to do with money, it is just that there is a deeper commerce, one that actually gets the job done at creating abundance for all, and it does not include money.  So why the focus on money?  It is the mystery I have been working on for 45 years.  In my journal this morning I was writing that what I do is a type of Law of Attraction but instead of attracting money into my life so I can give money to the organizations I think are doing good work, I want to attract a world where organizations doing good work thrive on their own. Instead of attracting more clients, I want to attract a world where people are so healthy, so wealthy, so loving that they don’t need me.As I work on myself, the world comes to look better and better…hmmmm…you can see how is a problem for me as well as a joy.  This is a sincere question, sent with absolute love.  Congratulations on your pregnancy and the beautiful energy you put into the world.  Wow this is the first time I felt moved to comment on a blog.  I did not realize I could write foreve in that small space…(another example of abundance in the right places, when I need it).Blessing, Kate Major, High River, Alberta, Canada.

    1. Hi Kate,
      What a blessing reading you! I’m so appreciative of your story, your openness and your courage.
      Money is such an interesting subject. It’s a human invention that at the beginning allowed us to exchange products and services in some “sensible” and easy way. Today this concept has degenerated into total madness. It is talked about billions and trillions of dollars, pounds, yens..  and that is completely meaningless. I share your opinion that I need less and less to live a happy life.
      I however do use the current sales and envisioned sales as indicators, just as indicators. These numbers open the conversation of values, beliefs, vision of the future and of the present.
      I use this indicator because other ones (happiness, grounding, knowing…) are more difficult to express, to communicate.
      You know I believe that right now a brand new economy based on love and respect is emerging. That means that money is being transformed. However, it’s still around. So we have to figure out a way to transition from meaningless money to the currency of respect and love. AND that will take co-creation, love, respect, cooperation, imagination, courage, patience, decisive action….
      I’ll keep you posted! I have on the back of my mind a project on this subject for 2013. Now I shall concentrate in baby birthing.
      Love and light,
      PS. Thank you so much for your kind wishes for my little one

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