August 1

Your Marketing Is Not Working? Your Problem Is Not Your Marketing

Money is a great mirror. How we relate to money is a great parameter to see how we relate to ourselves. Maybe the greatest challenge of my customers is precisely this. They actually sabotage the financial success of their venture in diverse ways, such as,

  • Taking on customers who don’t value them
  • Undercharging with the hope that next time they could raise their prices
  • Many times they literally give the shop away for free
  • Setting their pricing based on what the competition charges
  • Not asking for the sale

The key is to see your work as the sacred blessing you came to offer the world.

If you do not value your work, who will?

You do feel it when you are not valuing your gift. Still, here you have some clear symptoms of how it will reflect in your business,

  • Some clients are not paying for your services
  • The corporate bullies pay you late
  • The customer who you gave discount/payment plan is not actually following your advise
  • They do not buy for a second time

It is NOT acceptable to be taken for granted! Not because it happens to many, it is acceptable. Not because it has happened for a long time, it’s acceptable.

To step out of this situation, you do not need more marketing. You don’t need more Twitter followers or Facebook fans. You don’t need to send more proposals. You don’t need to do more cold calling. ALL tactics will fail in this frame of mind. You need to go to the core, to your own ability to value yourself properly!

Does this apply to you?

STOP! Stop all the action that you’re taking right now. It’s fundamental that you get your emotional alignment pretty soon. When we’re not peaceful, our actions don’t have the results we want. When we’re peaceful, we’re powerful and effective.

Take yourself for a walk in your local park, get grounded, feel abundant. Remember all what you have to give, all you have to give to your people. Look at it, value it. Observe it, breath it, value it. Make a list of all the benefits of your work. Write how much you care for the people you work for. Write how much you care for their pain and their happiness.

Once you’re in this place of abundance, of service, ask your trusted source (that great power that fits your own belief system) what’s the next step. You’ll get powerful guidance.

Don’t ask this question when you’re not ready to hear the answer. Don’t move into action until you have peace to ask and to listen.

Let me know how this works!


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