November 22

The Great Helplessness Hoax

What are you feeling with all the recent events?
Are you feeling helplessness? Fear? Anger?
It’s almost impossible not to identify with all the problems that have occurred in the past days. They have touched us all. The most terrible feeling that we’re experiencing right now is the one of helplessness. Because these problems appear so big, their resolutions seem so far away from us and that make us feel powerless. But you see, we do have power and the power is in ourselves, it is in our heart.

In this video I want to remind you that you have the power to see that fear, that angst, that anger in a completely different light. I will share 3 ways how you can transform these feelings of helplessness into something much more productive and much more powerful and really something that could lead to the solution of the global problems.


We are overly identified with what we’re feeling right now. We say I’m angry. You are not angry. You are not anger. You are experiencing some feeling of anger or a part of you feels angry. But you are not anger. We have to change the way we talk to ourselves. We have to change the way we identify with what we are feeling.
So let’s separate these feelings and let’s see them as a cloud that is passing through our life. I’m experiencing this feeling. I’m seeing this cloud passing through my life. I’m above this situation. I’m above and beyond this situation, because even if I die, I’ll do the best with my life, I’ll be the most loving, the most compassionate, the most enthusiastic person in the world no matter what. I’m bigger than violence, than deceit, than fraud, because I’m love.
When you connect with your true essence, your essence of love, then you are really compassionate with yourself.

And be compassionate with yourself. If you cannot go as far as I’m telling you to go, to identify yourself with love, tell yourself “Well, I’m learning. I lost my equanimity, I felt angry, I felt fearful, but I can come back to my equanimity. I can come back to that sense of knowing that everything is in order, that we are all one, that love will be more power than anything else.” Be self-compassionate. Be loving to yourself.

Think of those thoughts that you tell to yourself. Would you tell that to someone else? If the answer is no; then you know that this sentence should be out of your life. Just have a big laugh, when you say something like that to yourself. “I’m aware of this and I’m not going to tell myself, because I will practice self-compassion.” Do it every day. And what if you cannot do it every day? Laugh again. It’s not a matter that you have to be self-compassionate “oh, I have to love myself”. That defeats its purpose. Just dance with it and learn.

Compassion for the psychopaths

I’m talking about the psychopathic companies, governments, institutions, organizations. I’m talking about the psychopathic entities that are doing something horrible for humanity. Take these ones, particularly the most horrible that you can think of and put them in your left hand and look at them. Send them love. Love because they are acting out of fear. Anyone who is doing something horrible to anyone is acting out of fear and needs love. Yet, there is a link between Psychopaths and Spirituality.

Imagine them there in your left hand and send them love, love from your whole being, love from your heart. Send them love.

Even if I’m not totally concentrated in the exercise, because I am talking to you, I can really feel it. I can feel it. Just send love to these entities.

You will have a double effect. They are going to start realizing that they are in fear, so that they can be self-compassionate and start changing their behavior. The other effect is that you are going to experience that sense of power. You stop feeling helpless, angry or fearful. Because love is eternal, no matter if this body dies. Love is eternal. Nobody can hurt you.

Take action

So you have that self-compassion, you have changed your inner dialog; you have sent love to these psychopathic groups. That’s not enough. You have to take action.

Once you feel in your center, in your heart and take the courageous action that you haven’t been taking. You have to take action; even if it’s a tiny little one, like this one for me to record this video for you. It’s quite courageous to talk about love online, isn’t it?

Well this is my courageous action of the day. What would be your courageous action of the day?
What would be that courageous action?

Take action every day. Take action now. And even ask yourself “What would be my next courageous action? When can I take my next courageous?” And add the word “today”. “When can I take my next courageous action today?” Not next month or next year or any other hypothetical future time. “Today when I’m going to take my next courageous action?“

You are going to say: “I’m not ready yet, I have to do it right.” If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it badly. Do it wrong! Suck at it! Do it!

The more love and courage we put out there in the world, in the market place, in corporations, in the family, at school, everywhere the least problems we’ll have in the world, the less power these horrible people are going to have. They are no longer going to be the horrible people; they will become the suffering people. They are no longer going to have power over you. You are going to act from compassion and from courage: compassion for yourself, compassion for the perpetrators, compassion for the victims and courage to see and to act upon the vision of a world that is going to be more human and humane for you, for me, for the children.

So there you have it!

  • Stop being identified with the fear and with the anger: Self compassion. Start loving yourself more. See your feelings just as clouds. They will pass.
  • Compassion for the perpetrators because they are in pain. Let’s put them on your left hand and send love to them.
  • Action, courageous action, daily courageous action. Learning while doing it daily.

If you want to go deeper on how to use your heart intelligence to be the change you want to see in the world, I invite you to the place to be:

The Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit

I have gathered a powerful faculty of that will give you the science and the practical shortcuts to actually be the change we want to see in the world. Join us! It’s free! Grab your seat here!

And as always, to your brilliance!

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You are bigger than violence, than deceit, than fraud, because you are LOVE. @BlancaVergara
Anyone who is doing something horrible to anyone is acting out of fear and needs love. @BlancaVergara
What would be my next courageous action today? @BlancaVergara
Compassion is the first step, yet not enough. Take the next step. Take courageous and compassionate action TODAY. @BlancaVergara

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