November 15

3 Anti Bad Day Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for an Amazing Life

Have you ever had a bad day? You know what I’m talking about: One of those days when you are starting to stress out, because all things that you have planned are just not happening.

Today I will share with you my top 3 favorite tips to turn around a bad into a great day.

  1. Get physical

Stand up.

When we are having a bad day we are allowing it to happen. We start to slouch, contract our lungs, not let our body be at its best.

What happens if you use your body and stand up?

Put your shoulders back, so you will expand your lungs. You will get air inside.

Then put your imaginary cape on, just like… Who would you want to be? Superman? A king or queen?

Put your power cape on. You can do anything.

Use your body. Stand up. Open your chest. Breathe in. You’ll feel better and the bad day will start to lose power. Can you feel it?

  1. Breathe from your heart

This is a powerful technique from the HeartMath Institute.

Breathe from your heart. Concentrate in breathing and look with your mind to your heart.

Then start breathing a little bit deeper and imagine that the air starts coming in and out of your heart.

Then think about something that makes you feel loving, compassionate, happy…

Think about your children, your spouse, a beautiful tree. Think about something that makes you feel loving.

Powerful, isn’t it? With this breathing you won’t have a bad day.

  1. Take action

You have to translate this wonderful feeling into action. Maybe it’s almost midnight; you have to turn it around. Take that one action that will make your day worth it. Take that tiny little step.

Read the last page of the book. Make that phone call. Send that email.

Take that powerful action that will turn around the judgment of it being a “bad day” to be yet another wonderful day in your life.

So there you have it:

Get physical, Breathe from your heart and take that one action

and you will turn around any “bad” day into an awesome one

Now back to you

I would love to hear from you.

Which of these ideas you would like to implement? What touched you?

By writing your answers you will not only commit to yourself to make these changes, but you will also be inspiring others. We love to hear your voice! Write up your commitment in the comments section. Just do it!

If this content inspired you to melt all your bad days, AND you know of someone who could enjoy more awesomeness, please do help her/him out. Share this video with him or her. We need more people building better alternatives in all areas of life.

Thank you very much for reading, watching, sharing, commenting! We are building something amazing: the Heart Centered Economy.

To your brilliance,

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Take that one action that will make your day worth it. @BlancaVergara

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