November 29

Running on Empty? Hack Your Productivity and Health

Do you feel that you are running on empty? That your energy is just leaving you?

In the morning waking up not really rested, but at night feeling all the energy to start doing things? And then end up going to bed really late and not being able to fall asleep?

Well, you have been working against your own body. The best way to turn around this problem is to start listening to your beautiful body. Your beautiful body is designed to work to its inner clock, the circadian rhythms; it is in harmony with sunlight.

When we adjust our life to these circadian rhythms, we become a powerhouse.

And you know what is terrific about living this way? You become healthier, thinner, and faster. So it is not just a productivity hack, it is a health hack! Curious?

Let me share with you how to live your day taking advantage of the qualities of your beautiful body, of your inner clock.

The circadian rhythms not just control sleep and being awake, light and darkness. They control your lung capacity, the production of different hormones in your body, your temperature and your brain capabilities during the day. So wouldn’t it be amazing to live a life using your brain in the moments when it is the smartest? Using your lungs when they are at their best? Using you creativity when it is at its peak?

So here you have how a day harmonized with the circadian rhythms looks like.

Wake up early and plan

Yes! I love this concept. It is when we plan, we can see the vision of what needs to happen that day. And you see, planning saves you tons of time. Brian Tracy says 1 minute of planning saves 10 minutes of execution. So you get a huge return on investment.

This is the moment when your brain is at its best. This is when you are really smart. Plan your day. See what you have to do and start executing.

As you wake up early you’ll have more time to use your brain capacity at its best. Because you know, before 12 pm we have the most attention, the highest brain capacity, the optimal cognition. So, just use it.

After lunch, have a nap

Years ago in my time in the consulting world, I experienced what employees in very progressive companies do: nap after lunch. Yes! All employees of the Japanese company I visited had a nap after lunch. It was quite impressive to see everyone sleeping everywhere.

Now I know that they were so right. Why go against your body? In fact, nowadays other western companies are catching up and are starting to create spaces in their offices to have a nap.

So if you can, if you are working from home have a nap around 2. Make it a short nap, less than 30 minutes. This will help you to reboot. This moment of the day is when you’ll get distracted watching cute photos in Facebook. So, be productive: sleep.

Now, if you cannot have a nap, because you work in a corporate setting, go for a walk. Go around the block. Breathe in. If there is a park, that is even better, so that you can function in the afternoon. Breathe in.

Between 4 and 5 Exercise

Between 4 and 5 your lungs are at their best. Your physical coordination is at its peak. It is the best time to go and exercise. So do it. Do some weight lifting. Do some running. Sweat. You’ll improve your general health if you exercise between 4 and 5.

Between dinner and going to bed

This is the time when we are getting tired. Scientists tell us that this is precisely great for creativity. This is the moment to see your challenges from a different angle. Now you can see your problems from different perspectives. It’s the perfect time for problem solving, creative and innovative thinking.

So, sit in front of your problem. Look at it from different perspectives: like if you where someone else, like if it was a blessing, like if you were a curious child, like if you were a wise sage

And you know what’s wonderful? When you think about your challenges right before going to bed, you engage your unconscious mind. In fact, your unconscious mind is going to continue solving your problem while you sleep. So, do listen to it when you awake. When you awake, journal, meditate, connect with what your unconscious mind solved the previous night. Outstanding wisdom will emerge.

Go to bed early

To keep this circadian life, go to bed early. Set an alarm clock around 9 pm. Start a sleeping ritual: switch off all glowing equipment, brush your teeth, wear your most comfortable pajamas, write your day successes, think about your challenges, wind down so that you can wake up early the next day.

Once you give yourself the opportunity to enjoy this lifestyle, you will love it. You will meet your most productive you, also the healthiest, the thinner and the most enthusiastic you.

Hack your life. Start TODAY!

Now back to you

I would love to hear from you.

Which of these ideas you would like to implement?

What resonated with you?

By writing your answers you will not only commit to yourself to make these changes, but you will also be inspiring others. We love to hear your voice! Write up your commitment in my blog. Go, do it!

If this content inspired you to engage with your heart intelligence, AND you know of someone who needs to do so to cope better with today’s chaos, please do help her/him out. Share this video with him or her. We need more people building better alternatives in all areas of life.

Thank you very much for reading, watching, sharing, commenting! We are building something amazing: the Heart Centered Economy.

To your brilliance,


Featured Image by Wolfgang Staudt

Running on empty? You have been working against your body. Adjust your life to the circadian rhythms, become a powerhouse.

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  1. I really liked the video!! Very different practices that I haven’t thought of. Thank you Blanca!! I started tonight turning my lights off earlier… I’m using my small table lamp, hope it works!! Hugs

    1. Great to hear! Once you do add this new habit, it will become automatic and you’ll see huge benefits. Don’t despair when it is difficult. Be self-compassionate and start again. The more consistency you can build the better. Blessings!

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