April 19

Overwhelmed? Let Source Do The Driving


It is ok not to know, take inspired action NOW

The New Year parties are already far away in my memories. The fireworks, the champagne, the grapes, the bells are forgotten. The same is starting to happen to our new year’s resolutions.

Our to-do list is growing and growing. I see overwhelm growing left, right and center.  It is very easy to lose the north in our path. It is very easy to forget what we stand up for. It is very easy to forget how our actions contribute to our life purpose (or not.)

When you feel things are getting out of hand. When you’re starting to get irritable. When you’re not laughing. When you see everything as VERY serious, VERY heavy, VERY important. STOP!


Stand up. Take a break. Air and inspiration are needed. Have a laughing break. Laugh! Laugh for no reason. Levity has the power to bring you above, above any circumstance. When you are above, like outside yourself, it’s easier to see things for what they really are. They change shape and become experiences, steps on our path to become who we are.

Remember, nothing can go wrong. It is ALL good and all part of your life experience.

Now you are ready to ask and to listen! Now it’s time to consult your trusted Source (intuition, God, angels, universe or whoever your trusted Source is). Ask clearly: “what is the next step?” Source will give you the most harmonious and most effective answer to your concerns.

I love the example shared in the book “Eat, love and pray”. When the character is deeply overwhelmed and asks this question, her Source answers authoritatively and kindly “Go to bed”. I love that answer because is clear, simple and at the same time powerful and invigorating.

Clarity and simplicity are indeed powerful and invigorating. Let’s Source do the driving! Ask for guidance and overwhelm will vanish in thin air. Time will expand like Einstein promised to us. You will realize that this temporary state of confusion is no other thing that being in the brink of a breakthrough. You will find the inspired action to take, that simple, harmonious and powerful action that will have such an impact that you will be astounded.

Let Source do the driving!

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