April 27

Faking Progress?

Just don’t do it

Action, action, action!
Action is regarded as the one and only thing that brings results. This is the biggest lie there is!

There’s a huge difference between indiscriminate action and inspired action, between unproductive and super productive action. Indiscriminate/unproductive action is the one that has absolutely NO connection with what we are here for in this planet. Indiscriminate/unproductive action is heavy, it stresses you, it’s an obligation, it tires you, it doesn’t produce quantum leaps. This kind of action, this busy-ness is actually faking progress. It’s giving you a sense of doing something. Doing something is NOT progress. It’s like walking in the treadmill: loads of steps, no movement.

Indiscriminate/unproductive action is to your life what fast food is to your body. It is a substitute that not only doesn’t nourish you, but is also extremely dangerous. As fast food affects your liver, your brain, your nervous system and more; indiscriminate action increases your stress, negatively affects your bottom line and poisons your happiness and positive outlook of the future.

Indiscriminate action is characterized by sentences using the “should” nightmare. “I should write a book”. “I should network”. “I should get another certificate”. “I should use internet marketing”.  “I should grow my list”.  We convince ourselves that we do NEED all that and more. Yes, we convince ourselves that we need these actions before we can actually take the call towards greatness. We convince ourselves that by taking these actions we’re making progress. The underlying believe is that who we are, what we have, what we stand for is not (yet) good enough to bring it to the outside world, to change lives of people. Well, I tell you now: IT IS! You, what you have and your mission are completely divine. You, what you have and your mission are ready and needed in the world.

I’m writing this after talking with a man who has TWENTY years of experience in his field and still hoping that his indiscriminate and unproductive to-do list will bring him close to his dreams. It hurts me so much. It touched my heart. I looked around and I saw that all my customers have done that at a certain point. I looked inside and I remember that I did that many times in my life (and even sometimes today).

We are all non immune to “fast food” in our to-do list. What is so complex about this is that all these actions are not bad. Writing a book is not bad. Learning internet marketing is not bad. They become “bad” when they become a barrier between you and what you are really meant to do. What you are really meant to do inspires you, uplifts you, generates real quantum leaps in your spiritual and business development. What time and again astonishes me about inspired action is that it is minimalistic. You don’t need much action to have outstanding results. Inspired action in the metaphor of food is Prana. Do you know that there is an increasing number of people living out of eating “just” sunshine (Prana)? Oh, yes! They don’t need food to nourish their bodies. Check out more here.

How can you identify your business Prana? How do you know which actions are really necessary and which ones you can let go off? Here you have my quick 4 questions method,

  • Was it inspired or imposed? did you get the inspiration to take this action during meditation, journaling or during a moment of relaxation (taking a shower/going for a walk…)? or did a “guru” / teacher / marketing expert / book told you?
  • Does it uplift you? or is it a chore?
  • Does it push you out of your comfort zone? does it feel a bit scary? or does it keep you nice and cozy in your same space of awareness? Inspired action takes you places!
  • Is it DIRECTLY connected with your soul purpose? or is it one or two or three steps away from it?

I can almost hear your question! Yes, Blanca, BUT! Sometimes the same action is inspired and sometimes is not.

I know! For me writing belongs in this category. Whenever I think/feel that “I should write my newsletter”: nothing comes! I waste hours and produce something useless.  Solution? Just don’t do it! I wait until I’m inspired and immediately I take action. When I feel that writing gives a positive answer in all my 4 questions test, then I take action. You cannot imagine, then I write so fast. In few minutes I get done what otherwise wouldn’t get done in days.

So, stop listening to the gurus, experts and well intentioned people on how to fill in your to-do list. You don’t need all that crap! Ask your inner guidance what the next step is.  Your inner guidance doesn’t fake it. Your inner guidance is the ultimate high efficiency minimalistic business guru you can tap into at any time. STOP what you’re doing! Listen in! Then, just then, take action!

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