How to be one step ahead of surprises

Dreams have tremendous business relevance. Irrelevance is incredibly relevant for business decisions. When everything seems perfect on paper, but something tells you “NO”: listen!

Last night after revisiting the amazing “Synchronicity” by Carl Jung, I had prophetic dreams. I dram that my son would get ill and that happened within 6 hours.

I have this premonition ability since I can remember. When I was 16 I had the misfortune of dreaming the death of several people, which indeed came to pass. As I didn’t have anyone to support the shock that this gave me, nor the inner resources to deal with it, I suppressed it. Quite an impossible thing to do! This gift has been blessing me all the time. Just now I’m starting to actively listen.

I’m not unique in this! I don’t have any gift! We all can connect with what we should definitely not do and what we should totally do. Open your awareness! How does your intuition talk to you? In dreams? with a rash on your face? stomachache? Pay attention. Listen. What is this trying to tell you. Even if you don’t understand, even if logically doesn’t make sense, do listen to your intuition. It will give you tremendous handicap on any surprises (including business surprises)

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