October 31

You Know What You Should Do, Still You Don’t Do it. Why?

We all know what we should be doing. Our intuition, our inner knowing, our spiritual guides are shouting it at us every second of the day. Sometimes loud, sometimes quietly, sometimes in the voice/words of someone else, your inner knowing is always guiding you.

BUT we don’t take action.

We do not do it for “practical” reasons,

We don’t have time
There are other priorities to attend
We don’t have enough money
We pretend not to know what we should be doing
We are not ready (too old, too young, a woman, a man, gay, nationality x, y or z…)
They will not let me
They will criticize me

All those very practical reasons are nothing else but beliefs. What are beliefs? Chronic thoughts! These thoughts generate a common emotion: fear. This fear paralyzes you every time you want to actually go beyond those beliefs and take action.

I have suggested before to you to have a conversation with your fear. It works! I’ve seen amazing results. But there is more!
Forget about your practical reasons. Forget about those beliefs. Forget about your fear. Forget about why not. Instead, remember why yes. Remember why you should be doing what you should be doing. Remember what it is that motivates you. Remember that which is calling you to expand your comfort zone. Remember what is that which is calling you to become the Highest and Biggest version of yourself.

The Highest and Biggest version of yourself sees the possibilities. The Highest and Biggest version of yourself knows the certainties that surround your “impossibilities”; the certainties that make your “impossibilities” possible. The Highest and Biggest version of yourself knows that thereĀ“s nothing amazing or miraculous about your desires (AND achievements). They are normal, reasonable and above all POSSIBLE.
Remember why you are doing what you are doing. Remember why you deserve what you dream. Remember that it has always worked out what you wanted when you were connected with your big YOU. Remember,

Why did you start this business?
What did you dream when you were a child?
What do you want your legacy to be after you die?
What gives you fire in your belly, sing under the shower, feel invincible and timeless?

Connect with that fire in your belly! Remember, it’s there at your fingertips. It’s right here. Remember!
What do you think? Have a comment or question?

Image by Blanca Vergara


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