October 26

Business Alchemy

Are you afraid that,
  • your product is too novel
  • your product is too expensive
  • people cannot afford it
  • your price would scare people
  • your product is not good enough
Have you sweated blood thinking: why would they buy MY product? And still cannot find the answer?

I have great news for you! Entrepreneurship is The Greatest Spiritual Boot-Camp. Conquering those fears will expand your business and your own self. During my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve learned how to smash through fears. I’ve learned to transform them into the fire that keeps me going. In fact, each time that I’ve melted an obstacle, my business (and my life) took a quantum leap.

Here I share my Business Alchemy secrets with you. Get ready for a profound transformation!

At the end of this webinar, you’ll see the invitation to my 2011 event. Even if that’s in the past, the content of this webinar is still very relevant. Enjoy!


abundance, beliefs, fear, spirituality, transcendence

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  1. Big thanks for this Blanca, it’s a real gem! I really like the idea of ego as ‘inner protectors’ that we can make friends with. I have been wondering how to integrate the ego rather than banish it (impossible!), and this has really crystallised my thinking.

    1. So happy to hear that you resonate with this!
      It’s so fantastic to see that we are in the same wavelength!

      Are you joining us from the 10 to the 12 of Nov?
      You’ll love it and we would love to have you!

      Have a blessed weekend,

  2. Great call Blanca!! I have identify myself a lot with your history!!! 🙂
    Unfortunately I cannot make it this time in November… but I am sure somehow some day we will make it to know each other!!


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