January 19

Stop toxic positivity, it’s secretly ruining your live

Are you too positive for your own good? Is toxic positivity lurking behind the curtain?

Every one is telling us to,

  • It'll all be fine
  • you should smile more
  • don't worry about it
  • it could be worse
  • don't be so negative

Much worse, we have internalize those words, the ones that make us feel guilty for our "negative" emotions.

So we enter into a self destructive cycle of pretending to be "fine", while suppressing (accumulating)  all what doesn't feel good. This is Toxic Positivity, a self obliterating cycle that blast everything in its way.

This is very bad for business AND for your health, joy and life in general. Business growth is limited. Attracting codependent customers is very likely. Getting emotionally and physically ill are almost certain.

Today I created a video on,

  • my own story with Toxic Positivity: how I felt trapped to it and how I got out of ti
  • the steps I took, which of course will serve you to stay away from this drama
Why do we are sooooo positive?????

Because we think a good girl is agreeable and with a pleasing personality. We think we are "Mini me" who needs to be happy and have a good hair day every day.

The more we smile, the unhappier we become. The unhappier we become, the less we achieve. We become a shadow of who we really are. 

We need to take a pause and reflect on who we are. When we create a vision of who we are and who we are becoming discerning what is the message of our "bad" feelings is easier.


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