January 13

Hard work is a sneaky way of self sabotage


Hard work has become a dogma. It's almost crazy to question Ellon Musk and Gary V. They hustle 24x7. They are successful. They must be right. 



Already in the XIX century it was known that at some point adding more resources (time, money, hours, emails, words, repetitions...) leads to worst/less results (sales, products, quality...) The theory that documents this is called the Law of Diminishing Returns.

We must temper our fascination for action with some self awareness. It's time to look within and remember who we essentially are and who we're wanting to become. When we reconnect with the essential, the superfluous becomes apparent. In this state of awareness, it's easy to discriminate the actions/resources that are ineffective.

In this video I share with you more on,

  • why we do that
  • how to solve it

Enjoy! And let me know how things change for you and your business results.

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