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The Ultimate Method For Superhuman Problem Solving


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I’ve shared with you a lot about how to be more productive: concentration, presence, morning planning, but what about problem solving?

Problem solving requires very different mental capabilities than productivity. Productivity requires from you focus and concentration. You need to follow you plan step by step and keep on going. To do this, the best time of the day is the morning. Our cognitive capability is very high in the morning. That is why the morning ritual is so powerful to explode your productivity.

Problem solving requires precisely the opposite capabilities. We need to wonder. We need to let go of focus. We need to engage our entire brain capabilities. A problem is a problem, because we haven’t yet understood it. We are looking at the situation through the glasses of our current paradigms, with the restrictions of our current mental frameworks. To solve problems we need to allow our brain to run wild. This lack of censorship in our thinking occurs when we are sleeping.

Do you know that many famous problem solvers found their answers while “not thinking” about them? While sleeping? Otto Loewi saw in dreams the experiment which would prove his idea that nerve impulses are chemically transmitted and as a result was awarded the Novel Prize. Pro-golfer Jack Nicklaus turned around his poor performance after a dream of a new club holding posture. Frakenstein was born in the dreams of its author Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin.

When we sleep we enjoy a powerful creativity cocktail. Brain chemistry, distraction, and relaxation combine to make our brains ripe to welcome inspiration.

The great news is that you do not need to wait for the magic coincidence of the brilliant inspiration. You can actually develop this skill.

Step 1. Prepare

Buy yourself a dreams notebook. Set it by your side of your bed, together with a pen.

Step 2. Relax

Create a ritual to go to bed. Start relaxing in advance. Take time to brush your teeth, give yourself a massage to take all stress out of your body. I offer you my own ritual here: https://www.blancavergara.com/sleep-deprivation/

Step 3. Set Your Intention

Once in bed set an intention to your unconscious. Ask a question: How can I get more customers? What do I really want to say in that chapter of my next book? How do I deal with difficult person?

Step 4. Surrender to Sleep

Don’t spend one second thinking in the answer, surrender to sleep. If you find yourself thinking about the problem, relax. Think that every second you spend on your bed, you are resting. Trust that you’ll wake up energized and with great answers.

Step 5. Dream your solution

While you sleep you might reach what scientist call lucidity or what my ancient Aztecs called ensoñación. This is the moment in your sleep when you have some level of consciousness. This is when you can see the answers to your so called problems. You could see yourself taking an action. You could hear a voice of authority giving you the recommendation.

Step 6. Write it down

When you wake up write down all you can remember from your dreams. Make a brain dump. Be a detailed as possible. Don’t wait to be totally awake to do this write up. This is the perfect moment to talk to your unconscious. Just write. Don’t judge. Don’t think about it. Don’t analyze anything. Just write.

Step 7. Find the message

Once you are awake you can analyze. Re-read what you wrote and see what is the message, what is the call to action.

Step 8. Do it

Follow through. You will be amazed about the suitability of your “crazy” idea. Remember that it will appear crazy just at the beginning. Once you understand how it fits, you will have a new paradigm and you will recognize a brand new pattern: the problem would have disappeared.

The more your follow this procedure, the easier it will become. You will gain lucidity and therefore creativity. The more you follow this procedure, the more you will trust the infinite capabilities of your brain. You will allow all parts of your brain to support your life. You will be amazed about how brilliant you actually are.

Sweet dreams!


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