September 12

Get the most out of your day – Presence

How to get the most out of your day

The strategy of presence or peeling potatoes

This strategy I learned it when I was 16 from a very wise man, my very first boss. He was a doctor and he told me, Blanca: you should not put all the potatoes in the blender. You have to peal one by one and afterwords cut them one by one”

Honestly I didn’t understand him when I was 16 and went I put many potatoes in the blender many times.

What do I mean?

I tried to multitask. I tried to do everything. I was ambitious. I was really fast.
I was dissuaded by the idea that we women are multitaskers. And what I realized is that I was making more mistakes than I can make when I pay attention to one potato, another potato, another potato…

When we pay attention to one project and we do that solely for a period of time, it is way more effective than when we do a little bit of this project and a little bit of that project and a little bit of that project, and a little bit of that project. Because of all them get many mistakes.

It’s very interesting. There is a lot of research on brain development How we cannot do it. There is a lot of research in operations management why in a factory that’s a very bad idea to work. The best is to concentrate in the moment and do that.

If you want to see it spiritually, “be in the moment”, like our loved Eckert Tolle says: “Be in the now”
All of them are right: Brain scientist, operations people, spiritual people…

Well believe me!

Do one thing at a time. Concentrate. Be there.
With all who you are, with all who you want to be.

Ask yourself, who I’m meant to be in the moment and bring that.
What do you want at the moment?
Do you want a moment of Love? Bring love!
Do you want a moment of Enthusiasm? Bring enthusiasm!
Do you want a moment that is unforgettable? Bring that “unforgettableness”!

Peal one potato at that time
Pay attention to that potato

Be present
Your work deserves it
Your family deserves it
You deserve it
Be present


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