9 Ways the Eskimo Elders Can Make You A Better Leader


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Last week I had the pleasure to meet my uncle, Angaanganq, an elder shaman of the Eskimos. He gave a keynote speech at the Avans Ondernemerscentrum in Breda. He brought a message of urgency for change and leadership. His presentation was powerful and tremendously inspiring.

As his message is actually directed to you, I decided to share his top 7 ideas. I’ve tried to be respectful of his message by using this words literally. I found this very powerful as his short sentences touch my heart.

You are the one.

Step up as leaders today. Don’t to wait until someone else (government, religion or politics) takes action. Change will not come from them. You need to make your life of Spiritual Significance.

Accept the reality of life

To be able to generate changes, we need to accept the reality of life. The process he offers to do so is:

  • To make your mind strong, accept people's thoughts
  • To make your spirit strong, accept people's feelings
  • To make your body strong, dance the dance of life

Where to start

Start with yourself. Talk to the sky. Connect with something greater than yourself. Expand yourself. Fly like an eagle. Your ideas are worth pursuing.

The greatest distance is between your heart and your mind

We are one

Accept each other. We belong in the same place. Melt the ice in your heart. Pain is part of the process. Learn to love the ice in the heart of men. Learn to melt your own ice in your heart.

How to awake

Touch your heart. She – God - is ok. Become naked. Connect. Learn to embrace the other.


There is no useless people. Trust yourself. Love yourself. Connect. Act.

How to change the system

You are the system. Change yourself. Listen to your elders. Listen to your grandmother. In the old world grandmas decided. They told men what to do.


Let go of the need of passing exams. Instead, teach students to use their knowledge wisely from the beginning. Else they will repeat what you know.


Do you want to do something magnificent with your one and precious life?

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