April 19

Fly beyond any limitation


I guess there are no coincidences. This past week the common theme of my customers, potential customers and even friends has been very consistent. Everyone seems to be very concerned about all the reasons why what they want is not possible.

An extremely intelligent female customer (her list of academic and professional¬† achievements is so impressive for her young age: 27!) told me all the reasons why it is impossible to have her dream job: she’s too young, in the country where she lives there are no companies that do that, the companies that do that would hire her as a junior, changing job will imply earning less, her education and experience are not enough…

Another customer of mine is consumed by the messages of the media: there is not enough money, crisis, crisis, crisis, crisis! She finds evidence of that in her life everywhere: her customers don’t pay, she doesn’t attract new customers, she gives more and more for free…

This week I heard again and again people arguing for their limitations. Their lives are full of the hogwash that they fill it up with. And every time they look to either their reality or their thoughts, Fly beyond any limitation!they just see lack of possibility. The more they scrutinize their reality the more difficult it is that it will change. Their view of the reality gives them back what they want to see. Even more, when you are arguing for your limitations, all actions we take within this frame of mind will have negligible positive effects. It feels like being stuck in the mud.

Change the perspective! Fly above the mud! Stop arguing for your limitations and start arguing for your possibilities.

Play this game! Argue for your possibilities!

The idea is to invent new thoughts. You need to ask yourself: Which thought brings you more flow and you DO believe in? The objective is to create a thought that brings you out of helplessness into hope, belief and wisdom. When you reach that emotional level is where inspired action will be effective, simple and high impact.

Let’s use the crisis example.

“This crisis panic makes me angry.”
This is a great statement to start getting your power back. Being angry has more positive energy than feeling helpless.

“What the media says is not always completely true.”
This is a statement that starts bringing you hope and makes you start thinking of possibilities.

“My services are needed and valuable”
Any appreciation statement (like this one) always unclogs the flow! Remember you need to really believe it, or else it doesn’t work.

“Money is energy. It cannot be destroyed, it has just changed hands.”
Create a picture or invent a metaphor that works for you. You can arrive to such statement by considering: “How else could I see this?”.

“The customers I am meant to serve DO value my services and are willing to invest in themselves”.
This is a very satisfying thought! Very peaceful! This could be your last thought that you could choose to remind yourself everywhere you are: Write it on a note to be kept in your wallet or hanging in front of your mirror, fridge or computer.

Once you reach the feeling of hope, it will be quite easy to go higher and higher towards positive emotions. Then inspired action will be just perfect, efficient and simple! You’ll be invited the right networking event to go to. You’ll receive the right phone call. Your website will be discovered by your perfect customer… Opportunities will land in your lap.

The best thing about this method is that it doesn’t have a linear impact, but an organic and harmonious one. YES! The logic behind it is not that A will take you to B and B will take you to C. When you open yourself for possibilities, your open attitude will just grant you “G”. Allow yourself to be surprised and blessed!

Argue for your limitations and you’ll have them. Argue for your possibilities and you’ll have them. Start building thoughts of possibility and blessings will rain on you.


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