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Self Empowerment – Lesson from my father

What to do? Where to go? Take that risk? Stay in our safe place?

We look for answers to what we “should” do in what they say: experts, our friends, our elders, our peers… However the only person who know (really knows) what is best for you is YOU.

We tend not to listen to our own wisdom, because we believe that “they” know better. So we end up in places (jobs, relationships, countries…) where we do now want to be.

You know, from early age, my father urged me to answer those questions by myself. He urged me to take decisions without his opinion. He “forced” me to set my own limits. He forced me to be my own master. This amazing man propelled me into the world of self empowerment.

Here I want to share with you the metaphor he used to explain to me the art of self empowerment. Curious?

My CHALLENGE for you today is:
Think of a decision you have been postponing, a decision that you keep discussing with others.Remember that you are your master. Remember that you have wisdom within to answer this riddle.

Stop asking for advise. Get quiet. Listen within. The answer will come. AND most importantly: take action accordingly.

Last, I would like to invite you to ask me some questions. Feel free to ask your questions by adding a comment below.

You can also share with us the decision challenge that you have given to your Higher Self, to your own master: YOU! It has great power to state publicly that you are going to be your own master. You would be amazed!

Thank you in advance for your decision to take action.

And of course, please do share the love. If you feel that this content could awaken the sense of possibility of a friend or family member, by all means do share it.

To your brilliance,


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