January 8

Start with YOU

​Wise Simon Sinek has become famous by his idea: Start With Why. His TED talk has been watched by millions of people and his book is a huge bestseller. Yet, today I beg to disagree with this wise man. ​ We cannot that easily star with why. We need to start with ourselves. You need to start with YOU. 

I agree with Simon, knowing your why is key. It's fundamental to both your success and your happiness. Indeed, knowing our personal purpose will give us that eudaimonic happiness, that meaning that will make our existence worthwhile.

10 years ago I heard for the first time the idea of finding your life purpose and expressing it in my business. Today searching for our life purpose has become as popular as Corn Flakes. There are courses and books galore.

Yet, why is unhappiness rampant?

​People are more confused than ever. Employee engagement continues to be low. Just 15% of adults wouldn't leave their current job for any reason. According to the WHO there is 1 suicide per minute. Global suicide rates increased 60% in the past 45 years. What about burnout? boredom? divorce? 

Let's not go that far. Let us just think about the average life of a ​talented Jane/Joe: went to university, hanged the tittle and the honors, climbed the ladder of academic and corporate success, made it to "management", and wondered what was she doing there. Is this all there is?

​​Of course, I was the average Jane. All those choices gave me a life I couldn't explain to myself. ​My health, my relationships and even my career were ​a disaster. ​I was unhappy. I couldn't know where to start and certainty the idea of starting with why was absolutely impossible.

We cannot start with why

We are unable to answer the important question Simon offers us as the first step towards a meaningful life. We just cannot. There is too much noise.  Interruptions and entertainment keep us away from ourselves. We have learned how not to listen to our intuition and our wisdom. "They" tell us what to think. We are constantly reminded about how inadequate we are (to thin, to laud, to much...) and how guilty we must feel (for poor people, children with cancer, war...) We are overwhelmed by all those messages of being unfairly treated. 

We are pulled in all directions. We must be though and sweet; work hard and bake cakes; have an international career and care for our kids; be beautiful and fashionable. Social preassure​ makes so much noise that we cannot hear our own wisdom and know what's truly important for us.

Where can we start?

We must stop the noise. We purposefully need to take a step back and create silence for ourselves, to listen to ourselves.

You need to start with YOU

​You need to be brutally honest with yourself. ​You need to start with a decision. We must decide to give our life the value that it truly deserves. Our talent must be used in a way that generate meaning and impact. Every single minute of out life should be a perfect expression of your Highest Self. Anything else is a waste of you.

So, sorry, Simon. We are unable to answer the important question ​you offer as first stepe.  ​We just cannot. There is too much noise.  Interruptions and entertainment keep us away from ourselves. 

If you feel identified with this challenge and need help to look inside and listen within, I've created a special webinar for you.

​Start with you!
the 5 step blueprint
to move from confusion to clarity

Webinar hosts

Jane Doe

What you'll discover on this live webinar

  • 1
    ​The 5 step blueprint to go from where you are to where you want to be​
  • 2
    Practical ideas for international professional women wanting to master the art of love and career​
  • 3
    Actionable tips for you to expand your clarity straightaway. 

Webinar date

January ​22, 2018


9:00 PM Amsterdam

3:00 PM New York


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