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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Decision Making Under Uncertainty

We are living in uncertain and volatile times AND options are plentiful. This combination is the perfect birth place for anxiety and fear. Making decision in this environment requires from us new skills, if we are to be effective in creative a life we love.

Decision making in uncertain environment is no longer restricted to big and important choices. It has become completely normal. In fact it has even become pervasive. Think about buying at the ​supermarket:

  • Has this product gluten?
  • Was is organically produced?
  • Did it use slave labor?

Why is ​decision making practices in uncertain times scary? 

​Unknown outcomes

Uncertainty means:

  1. not definitely ascertainable or fixed, as in time of occurrence, number, dimensions, or quality.
  2. not confident, assured, or free from hesitancy: an uncertain smile.
  3. ​not clearly or precisely determined; indefinite; unknown: a manuscript of uncertain origin.

Uncertainty put a blindfold on our vision of the future. We cannot predict what the outcomes of our choices will be. In a decision making scenario, we feel like our inner child in the dark room. Every noise is a big ugly monster. So become paralyzed by fear.

Demands innovation

As we are confronted to brand new choices that our ancestors were never confronted to, we need to innovate. Now it’s possible to work for a Colombian company from Europe. Become a stay at home dad is also an option. Have a side hustle is becoming a very popular choice.

All these are very new phenomena. They put up-side-down the traditions and values of our cultures and religious. Our parents may  criticize us if we break the customs. Our peers may look down on us if we stick to the conventions.

What to do? To please or not to please? Who to please?​​

Dangerous decision making practices in uncertain situations

Not deciding

No deciding is a decision. Being victim of paralysis by analysis is a decision. In fact, it can be tragic. I can tell you I’ve been there. Advice by the worst CEO.

Look life goes on with or without your choices. Staying in the limbo of indecision is robing you energy and opportunities.

Deciding just with data

Many scientist have tried to create complex models for predicting the future to ease decision making. Many of these models consider a myriad variables, yet none of them can truly pinpoint what will happen in the future.

Consider the models used to create investment portfolios. They have been compared with the performance of  those portfolios created by monkeys throwing darts to a newspaper listing. In some cases the monkeys were better than the models.

There’s no one model that the mind can conceive that can capture all data in an uncertain and volatile environment. We need to use much more than what our mind can understand.

Copying what other’s choices

“Me too” is a very bad strategy. Even if we like very much the choices and results of others. Our situations are never identical. Mindlessly copy what other do will not assure the same outcomes for us. We are different people, with different values, dreams and circumstances. Just doing what you think is expected from you by your peers will not assure your long term happiness.

How can better tackle decision making in uncertain situations?

Re-frame it

This kind of challenge is a gift. It gives us the opportunity to create something wonderful (for our industry, our customers, our family and even for ourselves). Think about it: why are we alive if it is not to create? When we give life to new alternatives, we inspire others. We open paths to unexplored territories.

Think of yourself as a pioneer. Love yourself in the journey towards new realities. Feel the excitement (and see how the fear melts away)

Use all your neurons

Do you know that you heart and your gut have neurons? Oh, yeah!

Do you know that your heart and your gut hold wisdom? They are smarter than you brain. Scientist have proven right all the sages of centuries ago.

Your heart and your brain are more powerful than any model your brain can device.

You cannot get it wrong

Think about it: What’s bad?

As long as your decision will not imply purposely harming others, even a bad decision would be a good one. Imagine you choose a “bad” job/boyfriend/house. Would that be the end of your career or life? No, that choice will give you deeper insights on your values and priorities. It will make you wiser on what truly matters to you.

Get on the driver seat

You are the master of your life. You need to choose for yourself. Connect with your values. Feel the moment. Give yourself permission of taking executive decisions and go for it.

You need to start with YOU

You need to be brutally honest with yourself. ​​This is a challenging step. You will need to silence the noise of our family, your partner, your peers, your religion... You need to step above all your "certainties", and reasons to see new posibilities in this confusing moment. 

If you feel identified with this challenge and need help to look inside and listen within, I've created a special webinar for you.

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