December 6

Forget about your goals, become wildly successful

December is here. Have you actually achieved what you set to do in January?

What happened with your goals? What happened with those January goals? Have you lost the weight? Have you made those sales? Have you made those trips? Gosh, it’s December! We’re still carrying that weight that we said that we would lose? We really don’t have the money that we said that we would have? We are not serving yet the customers that we said that we would be serving? We’re still not taking that daring action that we said that we would dare to take? Oh, it hurts. It really hurts to look at these goals!

If you are falling short on any of your annual goals, you will love this episode. Today I got a counter-intuitive view on goals. In fact this view on goals is shared by the wildly successful. Would you like to join that list?

Today I offer you something completely unconventional. Stop looking those goals.

You know what happens, when we look at those goals and we look at where we are, we feel really small. Our self belief just decreases because the cap is so huge between where we want to be and where we are and then we believe less and less that we will be able to do it. You see, the [01:05] all the time. If you think you can, if you think you can’t, you are right. So don’t think about them, let’s really actually forget about them. I’m going to offer you another path; a path that is less painful and will give you more power and more likelihood to achieve those goals or maybe some other goals that will make you happier.

So the basic premise is that you forget about those goals, you will concentrate on something completely different.

First I want you to concentrate in the now. I want you to concentrate in the here and now. You are here and now listening to this video. This is where your power is. What is so wonderful that you are listening to this video? You are investing in your own personal development. You are giving yourself time to grow. Being in the now makes you feel powerful because now, what can I do now? How can I feel different now? How can I talk to myself in a different way? How can I love myself in a deeper, more meaningful, more compassionate way? Because the power, all the power is now. When we think about the past and all those horrible things that happened in the past, it’s really just like calling for the firemen for a fire that happened 20 years ago. Yes of course it was horrible, everything was burnt, but it’s already consumed. It happened 20 years ago. Or it’s like calling the fire brigade for a fire that will happen in the future, but you don’t know if the fire will actually happen. That is to call your attention to either the past or the future. Put all your resources in the now, all your attention in the now and your results are going to be completely different. So what are you supposed to be doing now? What are you supposed to be focusing on? What are you feeling right now? When you see the now, you are powerful. Concentrate on the now.

Number two, concentrate on what’s going right. It is just so easy to see the things that are going wrong, they get really easy because our ego maximizes them, blows them out of proportion. Because what is the main purpose of our ego? Keeping us safe. Since our ego wants to keep us safe, it maximizes all the things that go wrong; “wait a minute, this is going wrong, this could be wrong, they might be talking about you”. Our spiritual exercise to be amazingly successful is concentrating on the things that are going right, see all the things that are going right. And you will be so surprised by concentrating on the things that are going right, you get closer to your goal. Concentrate on the things that are working out. Concentrate on the fact that okay, you didn’t call five customers, but you called three. Concentrate on the things that are going right. For whichever of your goals or projects in life, just concentrate on the things that are going right; I’m educating myself, I drank more water, I exercised today, I was more enthusiastic today, I sent an email that I was really scared to send. Concentrate on the things that are going right. You’ll be amazed how many things are going right. Write them every day. I have two classifications for that: the successes, the things that I be, the things that I dare to actually accomplish when I use my willpower to do them even if I did not feel like it. And the other one, the second is the miracles; things just happened because they were given to me because they just… And these second ones are always there for you to see, but you have to train your eyes to see them. If you make the exercise to daily look for something amazing that happened in your life, that you have nothing to do with it, you are going to find it. And with that, you’re going to start believing in possibilities. So concentrate on the things that are going right, there are so many of them; the ones that you created and the ones that are given to you, just concentrate on the things that are going right.

Point number three, concentrate on your next viable action, just ask yourself what can I do next. What can I do next today? Not in three months, don’t give yourself so much time. What can I do next? In whatever dimensions of your life; okay, I eat a chocolate now, what could I do next? I could drink a glass of water. I want to improve my circadian rhythms and I had coffee or I went too to bed. What can I do next? Have a nap, have a glass of water again. I’m terrified to call this customer, what can I do next? Call the customer. What can you do next? Just ask yourself every day, every three hours so that you take the most harmonious action; the one that scares you the most, the one that will tell you after you did it that you can do it, the one that will teach you the most, the one that will rewire your brain and will tell you that you can do it.

And finally, concentrate in the joy of the journey. You are alive. Picasso, Michelangelo, Van Gogh– any genius, didn’t happen just like that in one day. You know how Van Gogh painted so many paintings, so many paintings? By doing one at a time, by concentrate on this painting right now, just being with the painting right now. Be with the joy of what you are doing right now. Be in that adventure of life, in the most wonderful adventure that there is, that is being you.

So here you have it, forget about your goals, don’t concentrate on them because if you concentrate in these four things that I’m telling you about, these goals will happen. So what do you need to concentrate on, concentrate on now. What can you do now? Concentrate on what is going right either because you created it or because it just dropped from the sky. Concentrate on what is your next viable action, what can you do today. Enjoy the journey, concentrate in the joy of learning, in that adventure of being alive and your goals will happen.

So did you like it? Did you like this video? Well just like it.

And of course if you like it, then you know there are people who are not yet achieving their goals and goal concentrate in these different four factors to change their life, please share it because sharing is caring. Care for them.

And now put all this learning into action, join our conversation, come to my blog and write down what is the element that really touches you, what of this information, what are these tips you are going to use. Write it down, it has tremendous power for you to commit to make it real and for the rest of the world to be inspired to live our lives, what possibility.

And now I say goodbye to you, reminding you to be all in.


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