April 19

A brand new game


Your very own 10 commandments

This is the season of wishing the best to each other. This is the season of giving. This is the season of reflection. This is the season of receiving a lot of advice for the future. This is the season of family. This is the season of contradictions: from buying unnecessary things to gathering gifts for children in developing countries. This is the season of endless parties, alcohol and prayer. This season is full of everything: excesses and bright spiritual light.

In the midst of all this going on, take time for yourself and breath. Take time for yourself. Write your ONE theme for next year. What single transformation you want to see in your life by 31 of December 2010. Be ambitious: write something that calls you to be BIG, something that wakes YOU up!

To make this theme concrete in your life, you cannot continue behaving the same way as always. You need to change the game. You need to change the rules of the game. Write your very own 10 commandments.

Those rules would be yours only. Don’t think about applying them to anyone else but you. Some examples are:

  • I shall not under any circumstance criticize, gossip or say anything negative about anything or anyone
  • No matter the circumstances, nothing is more important than me feeling good
  • I will look for what I am wanting to see
  • In the moment of confusion, I will take imperfect action and allow life to correct me
  • I shall gracefully withdraw from situations and people who drain my energy
  • I will incorporate a daily reflection practice to keep authentic in every action every day

Take a moment and give yourself very loving commandments. Give yourself rules that would sooth your fear, feed your enthusiasm, contribute to your soul purpose and build a heart centered life.

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!


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