Surrender to Divine Will

2013 is more than a brand new year. Scientists mark this period as an outstanding time in the heavens. Spiritual teachers and ancient predictions label this time as great time to be alive. I’m being surprised by all the experiences and feelings that are testing my convictions and certainties. I see my friends, family and dear customers being tested to the same level: do they really believe what they believed? Are their priorities right? Was getting that really good? Was losing that really bad?

The beginning of this year has been marked by an exceptional chain of challenges for everyone. Left, right and center I’ve seen death, bankruptcy, illness, layoffs, divorce, legal claims… Left, right and center I’ve seen my people seriously questioning their strong convictions. Left, right and center I’ve seen people waking up to the Divine.

What happened to me? Our tiny 2 months old baby girl spend almost two weeks in the hospital fighting for her life. This was a life changing experience for everyone in my family and indeed for me. It was a moment of great contrast. It was a moment of total surrender to the Divine. It was a moment when our worst fears were irrefutably present.  It allowed us to let go of “priorities”. It allowed us to see what is really important. It allowed us to be more compassionate with each other, with others and more importantly with ourselves. It woke us up. It woke me up.

Our experience is a typical example of expansive situations we are all experiencing in this time of profound transformation. These experiences provide us extreme contrast. Serious contrast! The extreme seem irreconcilable: dark and light, spirit and matter, death and life, success and failure, right and wrong, they and us… That divide exists when we are not in our center, nor in our heart, when we haven’t surrender to the Divine perfection.

The big transformation that we are experiencing at the moment is precisely that: to let go of the perception of pain, fear, division, lack… and embrace the perfection of the divine.

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and connect with that source of contrast that hurts you the most. What is that which is not letting you sleep?

  • My baby might die here (that was mine)
  • My family is bankrupt (one of my customers)
  • My business partner shouldn’t treat me this way (another one of my customers)
  • _________________________________________ (yours)

Take that painful sentence and embrace it. Keep your eyes closed and ask this experience: “what do you want to teach me?”
Be quiet. Listen. Imagine your worse fear materializing. Be there. Sit with it. See the disconnect between your fear centered world and the Divine Reality. In the Divine Reality there’s no death, no money, no gender, no time, no fear. What´s more the Divine Reality is more real that our fear centered reality.

What terrified me? Hospitals! I had the perception that the Health Care system was there to keep us ill, so that we would pay more and more to the fat Pharma Industry and Insurance companies. It terrified me that the unethical hospital would kill my baby.

These fear situations are portals that allow you to see into the other side, the Divine Reality. Surrendering to the experience (fear of death, fear of lack, fear of hate…), it will be clear to you what is the lesson it brings you. In the experience of death or illness, you’ll quickly see life. In the experience of lack, you’ll quickly see abundance. In the experience of hate, you’ll quickly see love.

What happened? The hospital where she stayed was just perfect. We were not just another case. They were not only professional, but also empathetic. Their professionalism and care shattered my certainties (actually prejudices) about the Health System. I saw innumerable positive aspects in the system than before.

This actually invited me to question other certainties I had. Could this be true for other industries? Could this be true for the corporate world? Could this be inviting me to work again in corporations/organizations/academia? Is my certainty that the Heart Centered Economy just blooms in entrepreneurship true? Could it be possible that this counterforce of love is also blooming within the old system?

After this experience I’m ready to open my eyes to the unexpected. I’m open to see love and compassion in the Board Room. I’m open to see honesty and ethics in the Banking Industry. I’m open to see truth and hope in the big companies.

Sit there with your fear. Accept it. You feel it. It’s real. Be compassionate with yourself. Be compassionate with others: with people who share your fear, with people who “created” your fear, with people who don’t understand your fear… Remember: be compassionate with yourself.

In that state of compassion, the high contrast between the extremes (death/life, lack/abundance, hate/love…) will decrease, will create Oneness.  In that state of compassion you will become a brand new you, ready to be light to everyone. You will become love personified. You will be peace personified. This is your destiny. This is what you´ll embody in this season of transformation.

Some call it the 5th Dimension, some call it ascension, some call it the end of times. I like to call it: Surrendering to Divine Will.


PS. She’s fine now! Playing, laughing and being a great spiritual teacher.

PPS. So, how are you experiencing this time of transformation? Share with us!

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