April 19

My top 7 natural highs

It’s very very easy to get dragged down by the grim headlines. There is so much to fuzz about!

It is so easy to forget that our natural state of being is being joyful and healthy. We have always available something that could bring us back to our natural good feeling place, to our natural state of health.

Being an advocate of positive and healthy life requires some tools to be able to get me back on track. I would like to share with you today my top 3 favorite natural highs. They are the actions that much faster bring me peace, strength and a big smile in my heart. They are my favorite ones, simply because they work. They really do!

  1. Laughter: Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins are also linked to the boost of the immune system. Yes, being happy makes you healthy. Laughter needs to become our daily habit. Don’t look for a reason to laugh. Laughter is irrational. Laughter is born out of irrelevance. Great creativity is born from irrelevance. Book a good daily 5 minutes medicinal laughter. It will not only transform your days, but your entire life.
  2. Food: By food I mean the holy meal that will nourish us in all different levels. I am not talking about junk food. I am talking about looking for the desired recipe, hunting for the ingredients, cooking it with care and music playing in the background. I am talking about food that brings together memories and friends around the table. Eating that way will bring you to ideal weight, because you will eat just the necessary amount. No more. No less. Afterward you will feel healthy, strong, loving and loved.
  3. Dancing: Moving to whatever rhythm brings tremendous benefits to you. When you dance you are in harmony with the music, with your partner, or maybe partners. You hear will start also dancing. All stress and worries will fly away. By the way, we can all dance! If you doubt it, just twist around your living room or jump to the next wave. You’ll find your rhythm and will be naturally high!
  4. Nature: Plants, earth, animals! They are all harmonious in themselves and among it all. They are great teachers when we’re looking for harmony in our lives. Go for a long walk in the green. Observe an insect for a long while. Concentrate in the sounds, in the colors, in the smells… Don’t think. Just experience the glorious wonder of nature.
  5. Friends: We are social beings. When we get together life is much simpler and lighter. Open your door, your ears and your heart to other people. You will find tremendously good friends. Friends are not just for the bad seasons. They are actually for what it should be 99% of life: fun, joy, day to day.
  6. Learning: It has been proven scientifically that learning and emotions are linked. When we are fascinated by a subject and are starting to gain confidence in the subject, we feel euphoria, enthusiasm, excitement and what is best, we feel proud, very proud of ourselves. Pick something new and learn it. You don’t need to be a master on it to reap the emotional and physical benefits of it. Just by trying it, you’ll get a high!
  7. Help someone else: The ultimate high ever is helping someone else. How? Use any of the previous on them: tell them a joke they’ll appreciate, cook for them, dance with them, buy them flowers, share an insight or simply just listen. Do for them what you would like to have for yourself.



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