April 19

Crawl your way to success

Consistent imperfect action is the key to your dream life.

There are million reasons why we don’t get to follow our dreams. There are million reasons why we don’t allow ourselves to create what we really want to. We see barriers everywhere: the mortgage, our family expectations, our peers’ expectations, our age, lack of time, our gender… The list is infinite.

There is a powerful antidote that dissolves all these barriers. This is called Consistent Imperfect Action. Consistent imperfect action is very similar to crawling. Every baby on the planet learns to walk by trial and error. Every step is imperfect. Every step is in fact an adventure. Babies don’t get hanged up on how many times it didn’t work to stand up. They just try again and again and again and again and again!

When I was to enter university, I chose IT over painting, because I believed my parents expected me to have a profitable career. My dreams of painting were in storage for years and years. I visited every museum and every gallery I could. I bought art books. I was a very frustrated painter. A couple of years ago, many resources (books, people, experiences, etc.) woke me up to the idea of “If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it badly”. From that moment on I embraced the concept of imperfect action. I bought painting materials and made one after another imperfect painting. Now I realize how important this is to me. I don’t need to sell my paintings or even make it a part-time job. I don’t need to be good at it. I don’t care any more about being the “perfect” painter: famous and well paid. I care about connecting with my inner creative self. That’s where the payment is!

If something is worth doing, it is worth doing it badly! Dreams are worth pursuing, they are worth doing as good as we can. Life is worth; it is worth creating it without restrictions of perfection. Imagine a world in which babies wouldn’t dare to crawl! A world where babies didn’t dare to fall and try again! No one would be able to walk. Each imperfect step builds up their dream of walking.

We take ourselves far too seriously! Just do it. Take one “scary” imperfect action every day. The more consistent your imperfect action is, the closer you are to your true self.



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