May 24

How to lead a bullying-proof life – lessons from my top spiritual teacher

As a victim of bullying as a young child, I was terrified my children would also be. In fact it was one of my very first worries when I learned that I was pregnant. Little did I know that my son would teach me how to deal with people with lower vibration. He’s is such a powerful spiritual teacher. I honor his wisdom everyday.

I have enjoyed noticing his numerous bullying vanishing tactics. They are so effecitve. So this video contains my pick of his 3 best ways to deal with bullies.

1. Laughter
2. Compassion.
3. Focus.

Now it´s your turn! What do you think? How do you deal with bullies? How does laughter, compassion and focus work for you?

Do share your wisdom with the community, adding a comment below. Readers will benefit from your wisdom.


Tweetable quotes.

Laugh and move on @BlancaVergara

Put so much happiness in your life that negativity cannot touch you @BlancaVergara

Compassion: See the perfection of the other person and see your own perfection @BlancaVergara

Babies should be lecturing CEO’s to see humanity in everyone @BlancaVergara

Focus in just what you are wanting to see @BlancaVergara






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