May 31

Be unstoppable – in spite of fear

How to be unstoppable? How to be unstoppable when we are programmed from childhood to be afraid?

Fear of abandonment. Fear of self expression. Fear of rejection. Fear of success. Fear of Failure.

The list is huge!

Today I got for you a personal story that changed my entire life. The method that I’m offering you now is old, very old, but yet terribly effective and modern.

I would love to hear your voice! Do this exercise and share with us what changes in you.Share your experience in a comment below. Your wisdom and experience will be light that others need.

With gratitude for you openness and care,

To your brilliance,


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Fear is not going to kill me @BlancaVergara

Taste the realization of your fear and know that you are bigger than that @BlancaVergara

You are bigger than your fear @BlancaVergara

You are bigger than the worse than can happen @BlancaVergara

Taste the worst case scenario and you’ll be able to take amazing risks @BlancaVergara



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