May 6

My Imposter Syndrome Corona Story

I'm quite moved by the massive impact that the Corona Virus Crisis has had on me and my imposter syndrome. If you have been following me for a while, you know that there has been so many funerals in the past 12 months. Covid19 has sounded like a wise stoic:

Memento Mori (remember you'll die)

Feeling deeply that finite nature of my existence, I started considering differently what was really important. My fears or the needs of others. My "I'm not good enough" or helping avoid a serious problem (upcoming recession)

It was ludicrous what was going on in my mind. I didn't allow myself to embrace my identity as business mentor, because, I'm not,

  • ​a 7 figures entrepreneur
  • ​a digital nomad
  • ​like "them"

While I started doing business since I was TEN! Yes, I did! I was negotiating serious acquisitions for my dad's company. My last corporate job had profit and loss responsibility for a fraction of the business. Yes, I was a mini CEO, responsible for millions of euros and dozens of people.

Why did I stop believing in myself?

Because I got in the mysterious magic of the Divine Feminine: miscarriage, pregnancy, motherhood, healing old trauma... 

For the past 13 years I've been doing the sacred work of deconstructing myself: owning my own shadow.

And suddenly Corona showed up and a crescendo started:

  • small and distant news 
  • ​few cases ​in the Netherlands then in Amsterdam
  • the decision to close restaurants and ​a few other businesses
  • ​the growth of the alarming statistics around the globe
  • the decision to stay at home and close schools

​At this moment I decided to organize a ​free retreat to master your money mindset. Well, it turn out very different. Instead of talking about our money beliefs, we were talking about life and death issues.

This was a very transformational

These sessions helped me to dig into my own shadow. 

The conversations with these women made me realize that I was sitting on the medicine they needed.

We all know it: A recession is coming (check out what the Dutch government say about it) and I got 40 years of business experience and even more in very difficult times. I experience the worst economic crisis in Mexico. I started my business here in the Netherlands in the midst of the great recession. Plus all my corporate business experience managing millions of euros and dozens of people. 

Staying in fear was a ​massive disservice to these women and their future customers!

Suddenly all my non supportive beliefs and even real shortcomings were pitiful in comparison with the real business need.

My imposter syndrome was crumbling​

​I was guiding these meditations​! Yes, I could actually do that. It was making a difference to them and to me. I didn't script them. I channeled them.

What! me channeling? I went to university! I have a MBA! Me spiritual? Yes, me spiritual!

This retreat inspired me to dare something radically new to me and apparently radically new for the world. I created a 3 days retreat: ​Emerge. The objective was to help ​participants ​design a business offer that

  • fully represented them: ​including ALL they are (like in my case business and spirituality)
  • answered a real current business need and 
  • ​was designed to build a better future

Guess what! It was sold so quickly and effortlessly!

​This is the note that a customer left on my cart when she checked out.

Needless to say I cried as well.  I was getting into something really real.

The Corona stormed continued

  • ​the conspiracy theories
  • the death of family of friends
  • lock-down in other countries
  • the contradictory advice
  • ​the death of ​people I ​directly know
  • the many angry and/or fearful citizens

Yet in our small "Emerge" bubble, we saw miracles. Breakthroughs were a daily occurrence. Every morning, we tuned better and better to what we are called to do and for who. I dared to do what I always feared: ​mixed my intuitive and organic approach with my business experience and philosophy. They were transformed. I was transformed.

​Now it's your turn!

This is my story and that of my customers. What's yours?

What's ​that talent that everyone is needing right now and is still neatly wrapped with all your fears and unworthiness? Let love be more powerful than anything that's stopping you. Your gift is more important than your fear.

The truth is that you're more powerful than you ever give yourself credit for. Now is your time!

​We are at the crossroads

Now we can take the opportunity to change the future. We need people who truly give a shit. (Yes, now I allow myself to use stronger words than before)
Are you one of them?

If you want to really change the future, the only way is heart centered entrepreneurship.

But how can you do that?

Well, you know that ​I help REBELS like you to create that beautiful, sustainable, inclusive and abundant future. My life purpose is to unleash your authentic power, so that the ripple effects accelerate the emergence of the Heart Centered Economy.

I know you have have a great vision, but I also know your inner critic keeps stopping you.

With the Emerge online Retreat, I help you to transcend this.
Together we create a business offer that

  • is 100% you
  • has high positive impact
  • is profitable

for now and in the future.

The Emerge retreat is a very unusual business training. It combines the spiritual and the practical. I have compressed 40 years of business experience and spiritual journey in a short 5 day transformative experience.

You don't have to do this alone. Join us and connect to other heart centered (aspiring) entrepreneurs. Feel safe exploring your true Self in a loving and supportive community.


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