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102 Effective Possibilities to Nurture Stressed Out Professionals

Stress, self-doubt, self- criticism and other life destructive forces don’t have a chance in the presence of self love. Here you have 102 ideas to nurture yourself back to health, happiness and high performance. ​Cut yourself slackDon’t take other people’s opinions of you too seriouslyAsk for helpNotice what you are doing “right”Give yourself a treatDanceEat […]

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Get Up and Get It Done

​The sentence “somebody call the ambulance” gets NO reaction. No-one get up. No-one gets it done. Have you ever wondered why no-one takes on obviously needed projects? Why no-one called the ambulance? why no-one reported a crime? why no-one took care of that customer? why no-one cared for the animals?  I have also wondered why “somebody” didn’t […]

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